Upgrade That Productivity: 12 Herbal Teas That Work For the Grind!

The brain is your most vital tool in the game of life and the grind!

So why not upgrade it through some good teas that actually work?! I know some people can’t go without their beloved coffee, but I’ve known about teas much longer and when the grind is beyond crazy, … like writing an academic book,… you gotta go with what works!

I know and love herbs! Long have since the age of 11!

So the brief list below is to empower. It is beyond some cute detox I discovered recently one late night online, but instead is based on over two decades with good results on the writing and the grind; including a prize winning book.

  1. Yerba Mate

This is and has been my absolute number one go-to to get the job done and what I quite commonly recommend to others!! Especially where concentration, focus, clarity, and overall good mood is desired. Flavor is great with a lil honey.

My mother brought this long revered Brazilian tea home for when I was just starting my dissertation many moons ago … and well I became hooked!

2. Passion Tea

Love it! Love it! Love it! Always have it!

Me and a friend went nuts in grad school when we first discovered it. So if I want some passion in my life, I happily grab this one to get started. Could be a mind thing or placebo affect, but hey passion is passion and this tea continues to work for me and the grind when I need.

Great hot or cold and simply ideal for potlucks. Rock on Tazo!

3. Jasmine Green Tea

I am all about aromatic tea and this one smells fragrant in the jasmine kind of way I like and then the green tea with it just gives you a kick in the butt into gear. I get stoked on this too because I have been such a big green tea fan. Goooood stuff! Add some almond milk and honey….good all over again to settle into the productive groove!

4. Chi Energy Tea

I doubt many know of this tea, but it will send you skyrocketing with energy and getting the job done. I have been a fairly new long time fan after I discovered this about 5 years ago and it was the best thing I could have added to the tea and productivity toolkit.

5. Asparagus Tea

Sounds nasty to some I’m sure, but babbbbbby the sun comes up in the brain with this one. I use it when led to most at work or writing, etc and also gave it to my mom regularly while I was her at home caregiver after she suffered 5 strokes and it worked quite nicely for us both. Anxiety much lower for errrrrbody!

Taste great with some agave or honey!

6. Throat Coat Tea

Writers gotta speak so keep this on hand. Not always my immediate go to, but always easy to find somewhere at work or a friend’s house, or dare I say the back of a kitchen drawer. — Lest we forget, clarity of speech further enables the productivity.

7. Mango Black Tea

Now this tea is the jam on every level.

Been rocking on this one hard for many many years when I want some real tangible energy and maybe some extra joy in what I’m doing that day. I go skipping straight for this this thisssss one. Those so inclined will thank me later, trust me!

8. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Tea

Never looked for it sold in tea bag form and couldn’t fathom. But ACV is that old school must habe that should stay in your life. I’ve long had the bottles and/or jug of it at home in the house — growing up as a child and later as a productive adult!

So throw a couple tablespoons in hot water and add some honey and your energy will soar soar soar! Read up on it and get thee a bottle!

9. Turmeric Tea

Many who know me, know I scream from the mountain tops that tumeric is the source of my rather active mind on so many levels ….but it is not just having it… I consume lots of amd have for more than 20 years ago after learning of lower instances of Alzheimer’s with a study of South Asians because of high consumption. I figured I would try and see and the rest is good history.

I just buy this size because it goes in much in my life, and as a preferred drink — turmeric with almond milk gets the brain going right nice! Simply adding turmeric with hot water and honey can do just the same.

10. Roasted Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is just good for you. And this tea, I can’t say enough about it. It relaxes me into what really matters and the roasted taste of it, woop woop!!! This could be akin to a coffee like tea drink for some, taste depending! Just get some and now! I need to go buy some for myself, because I go through it seeing my happy and excitement come back! That is so hard to find at times in the constant productivity grind!

11. Honey Lavender Stress Relief

The stress is real out here, so be equipped. Immediately calming to gain focus on what and who matters in the scheme of priorities and clearing the to-do list. Lavender in general is great, but the tea is truly soothing.

12. Ginger Turmeric Tea

This one is runner up because you can make this at home. Both ginger and turmeric seem to be having their day in the healthy market in the past decade or more. But living between two centuries and seeing the herbal fads change all all all the time —stick to what works and make your own.

Alas, when out of time beyond the necessary grind, Trader Joe’s has a nice tea. It’s diet-like tasting to me, meaning it’s light in flavor and I often add more ginger or turmeric of my own to enhance what I need at that time. Thus reminding me, oh yea quit being lazy and make your own…it’ll last longer.

Be Empowered On The Path!

Sowande’ Mustakeem