Walking the Talk…

A tactic that I use to rank tasks on my to-do list is to ask myself: how do I feel about this task? Does it make me uncomfortable? Generally speaking, the more uncomfortable a task makes me feel, the more likely it is that I need to be accomplishing it.

Day-to-day tasks don’t make me feel uncomfortable. Getting things done on an active project, reaching out to potential clients, talking with staff — these are all very easily accomplished things that tend to float to the top of the to-do list because they are familiar territory for me. Sometimes this can result in the bigger fish, those more uncomfortable tasks, getting put on hold.

Today, I became aware of a deep sense of discomfort I have around not just a task, but a strategy that is crucial to success online, and something that I always tell my clients they need to be doing as much as possible — creating content. I realized that while I have dabbled here and there in different content channels, I haven’t committed to a serious gameplan of regular content creation.

Here I am, a supposed online strategist, telling business owners what they need to be doing to grow their business and gain success online, and I’ve yet to take my own advice.

Being a reformed introvert and procrastinator (you should have seen me in college), there are plenty of excuses that come up as to why I haven’t made a commitment to content, all of which boil down to: I’m too shy/scared/lazy. It reminds me of the same reasons why it was so difficult for me to learn how to improvise on guitar as a 12 year-old. I remember thinking, “I’m supposed to just make up some riffs? What if it sucks? What if I freeze up?” Creating consistent content, like getting good at jamming out, sounds difficult.

That’s because it is, and that’s a good thing. The old adage, anything easy ain’t worth a damn, is damn right. You’ve got to hurl yourself face first into difficult tasks. You’ve got to lean into that feeling of discomfort. So here I am, attempting to walk the talk, putting myself out there and working to refine my message and my story.

Even writing this sentence makes me uncomfortable. “I feel like I’m rambling” is the thought that just went through my mind. Maybe that’s just my writing style. Whatever the case may be, consider this the first step in my journey to figuring it out.

Take a moment to consider some things that you could be doing to get ahead in business or life right now. Which makes you feel the most uncomfortable? How can you dive into that feeling head first?

Go do it.