Dropbox is a SaaS product which helps to keep our photos, docs, videos and other files safe which can be accessed from anywhere. Large files can be sent and multiple files can be accessed.


Initially, the home page is displayed as shown in the above image.

The UI is quite simple and understandable. Even a layman can understand it on using for the first time.

All the recent activities are listed on the Home page, which helps in easy access of files.

We can even hide the files if we want.

Then, there comes the section of Files.


There are sub-sections over here.

We can upload files over here and save it.

There is a provision to share files and links too.

If we give people edit access to a folder in Dropbox, it becomes a shared folder. Changes to the contents of these shared folders are synced to everyone who has access to the shared folder.


People can edit, view and comment on files.

The main drawback in sharing, due to this provision is that if one who has access with some particular file does some changes in the file, then the edited version of the file is only available in dropbox.

The facility of commenting on the document is remarkable.

We can select a specific part of the file to leave a comment or it can be done on the whole file as well.

While sharing folders we get to see the image as shown below:


As per our requirement, we can select one of the above options and proceed.


The facility of “Can Edit” and “Can View” is quite good where one can decide who can just view the files and can’t edit unnecessarily.

By choosing the Can edit option the other person can make changes and further it is saved in the last changed mode which personally for me is not appreciable.

Even while sharing links this facility is available.

View only access is best when we want to share file,folder or link with a large number of people. They can give the feedback too as comments.

So, Sharing is a good feature in dropbox.

Further, we have File requests.


We can send and receive large files, provided the files must be up to 2 GB if we have a basic account or 20 GB if we have a plus or business account.

That is uploaded files must fit into our dropbox which is sometimes not satisfying if we don’t have an upgraded version.

Files are organized automatically into a single folder.

Deadlines can be set for a file request.


While creating a file request, we can select the location of the files to be saved and we can change the folder as well.


We can even send it those who do not have an account on dropbox by sending it to their email addresses.

We can delete the files and also can restore them easily.



Dropbox paper is a collaborative document-editing service, where ideas can be expressed.

Everyone can see and add Dropbox files in a Paper doc, and changes made to them are updated automatically.


Here, we can easily switch tabs to display documents created, shared or archived by us.

Documents can be embedded with the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. This is an ongoing trend which is maintained in this software too.

The Paper part is a bit confusing for newbies. There is a default folder present in the paper part, which personally I could not understand properly looking it for the first time. Otherwise, it is a good addition.

Moreover, there is an option of keyboard shortcuts available for formatting text which adds ease for the user if he opts to have something like that.


Hence, like every product has got some pros as well as cons, so has this one too.


  1. The UI of this software is quite simple and user friendly.
  2. This is quite an ideal software to store files as a backup (incase of crashing of the laptop/PC or losing data due to some technical issues).
  3. In every section, all the documents/files/folders are easily accessible.
  4. It is designed in such a manner that privacy is maintained in every possible way.
  5. Initially this is free to use which is a good attraction for the newbies to access.
  6. When we register into dropbox, it is free to use and automatically a space of 2 GB is given for free.
  7. To continue further with larger space, there is a scheme of inviting people to dropbox, which results in getting larger space for free.


  1. This software is accessible only in the presence of internet. In case of urgency, the task remains incomplete due to inaccessibility.
  2. It is said that the administrators/developers managing the service have right to delete information from free, inactive accounts. If our account is inactive for few months and if it comprises of some confidential data, it simply implies that we may lose its information.
  3. Normally, if we need more space i.e for an advanced version we need to buy the space.
  4. This software is suitable for casual files rather than sensitive ones.

Dropbox has a fair share of competitors like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Evernote, etc.

Dropbox only offers 2 GB of storage space initially while Google Drive offers a storage space of 15 GB as a free service, Box offers a freemium solution and the basic business plan provides unlimited storage for $ 15 per month, OneDrive offers a free plan of 5 GB , Evernote offers 60 GB per month initially.

Hence, Dropbox offers quite less storage space initially compared to other similar products.

Talking about how customers might discover about this product, it goes like this ; people are quite aware of this product as earlier this product used to be an inbuilt application/ software in mobile phones as well as laptops.

Dropbox offers a freemium scheme which provides basic services free of charge while to explore more advanced features, payment needs to be done. For example: To get more storage space one needs to pay some amount of money.

Thus, in all Dropbox is an amazing software but there are some highs and lows of this product.

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