That first time on the Stage

3 steps , and speaking in public won’t kill you anymore

“I am dead” is the iconic phrase we say out in whispers before our first speech in front of an audience, or maybe before the first presentation at our job, and most likely just before we are asked to introduce ourselves to a group of people.

Although we never die biologically , but the trembling heart beats is a pain which I had gone through several years of my life. Although the Art of Public speaking has a hype around it, which is said to take numerous hours of practice with patience. I would not deny that it is an Art, rather its an extremely easy skill to master.

For my friends out there who suffer from the “Dead Walk” towards the stage, I want to share some of the words which made me stand up and deliver to my audience and helped win confidence.

  1. Ground Zero: “Yes! I have earned the stage”

Whenever my lecturers or my Bosses ask me to give a presentation, I genuinely move forward and thank them for what they have given me and then I give everyone a smile.

2. “I Know more than my audience.”

Once I am on the stage, I must be the one who takes control. My audience may have big brains or industry top minds, but hey! ….I am here to say something that is important and makes sense.

3. Make your audience talk…..start interacting!

Your audience are people who need some private attention. Give it to them. Interaction may not always be an old fashioned Q&A session.

This would break the glass between them and you. Do this , and you might start enjoying it yourself. Have fun!

And that’s how you go Buddy ! Would love to hear your experiences too in the comments below.

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