Q: How would Augmented Reality better help teach your experience?

A: With AR technology, it gives a wide range of experience to the students to think about the specific subject deeply, and with that it helps student easily understand the depth about the subject.

Q: How could eye tracking help you better tailor your experience to your students?

A: eye tracking it’s a very important part when it comes to study with AR, with eye tracking we could help students to see stuff closely and sharply! So they can concentrate to the particular objects for better understand.

Q: How would better Haptics better teach your experience?

A: with a better haptics I can say it will give to the student 100% batter experience!

Q: How important is graphical fidelity to your experience?

A: Well its an another level of presentation contents, so definitely we need a rich graphics which allows for the brain to get a proper impact.

Q: How critical is it that your target student receives this training within the next two years?

A: I think 2 years would be too late to give them a such kind of experience, we need to think about it quickly so they can have this amazing experience ASAP!

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