ORM Tools to Monitor and Manage Brands’ Online Reputation

Soumya Roy
May 27 · 7 min read

Today, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is not only a necessity to every business but ignoring it can cost you both customers as well as revenue. So, if your business has an online presence, then online reputation management is the process you need to go through to manage your business repute on the web.

Your brand’s reputation affects the business directly. People won’t buy your products if they don’t feel they can trust you. For your business to grow, the image of your brand needs to be managed well. As per multiple studies, 88 percent of buyers research products online before making a purchase and 86 percent of people hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative reviews.

Therefore, monitoring your reputation and reacting promptly will help you prevent negative news about your business from spreading. There are a lot of online reputation management tools that companies use to do this, ranging from setting up alerts and monitoring around brand names.

Being a digital marketing training academy, we understand the significance of the ORM software for a business and have compiled a list of the best Online Reputation Management tools that allow you to monitor and protect your brand’s online presence more proactively.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the easiest and 100% free tools that you can use to track mentions and alerts online. To efficiently promote your brand you need to monitor all types of content relevant to your business. Whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner the insights from Google Alerts will help you adjust your personal or business image timely and more accurately.


· Google Alerts will keep you updated with what your customers or clients are saying about you online. As per their feedback, you can take actions to maintain your brand reputation on top.

· Besides, not only for your own brand but Google Alerts also gets alerts about your competitors when they release a new product or service.

· You will get email notifications of your mentions at least once a day or once a week via Google’s database, based on your preferences.

Pricing: Free


Reputology software is developed to help businesses particularly those with multiple locations. This tool is integrated with social monitoring and customer engagement functionalities to help you monitor customer reviews, gather feedback, and other commentaries in order to improve your branding, products or services.

Reputology enables you to monitor business reviews published in many leading online review sites and social media channels including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more. It is a perfect partner for any business that needs to monitor its online activities for multiple locations such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, medical sectors, etc.


· Reputology offers powerful social monitoring and listening systems.

· It enables fast customer engagements.

· It lets you monitor reviews.

· You will get direct and social media feedback all at one place.

· Reputology gets you detailed information to reach out to more prospective customers.


· Free trial available

· Single-Location — $29 — $49 per month, per location

· Multi-Location — $10 — $49 per month, per location

· Agencies — $10 — $49 per month, per location

Social Mention

Social Mention is another free but effective tool that monitors brand mentions across sites and provides information on customers’ sentiments towards your brand. It also shows how these sentiments impact your mention ratio and influence the number of conversations generated.

It shows your mentions from the last day with a guide to the sentiment of each mention. It also summarizes the sentiment into positive, negative, and neutral mentions, as well as lists your top keywords, hashtags, users, and sources.


· It shows real-time campaign tracking data and brand performance.

· Find keywords that are being used by consumers when they talk about your brand online.

· You can analyze which campaigns and marketing to be done in the future to increase sales.

· It has a very well managed dashboard of results.

· Social Mention supports monitoring more than 50 media channels including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Pricing: Free


Trackur is basically a social media monitoring tool that scans millions of webpages including blogs, news, videos, images, etc. and lets you know if it discovers something that matches with the keywords of your business.

This tool quickly analyses the number of new results, the share of voice, and much more. Trackur Insights help you understand what is buzzing around your brand name. It provides you with an easy Excel exporting option or you can get your results in RSS/XML feeds and email alerts.


· Trackur is a complete social media monitoring tool that provides extensive online review monitoring mechanism.

· It monitors mainstream blogs, news, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. for influence and sentiment analysis.

· It suggests actionable online reputation management and monitoring tips grow the brand’s trust.

Pricing: Contact Trackur


BrandYourself is an online reputation management software for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It builds a free reputation report of your online performances that helps you see how your brand looks on the internet.

It calculates your reputation score at a level between very-poor to excellent that helps you work through an action plan to improve your reputation. On top of that, this tool guides you through step-by-step processes in performing different methods that aid better search results.


· BrandYourself allows you to track real-time Google search results.

· Its reputation management process lets you suppress negative results.

· It has an in-built social media scanner.

· BrandYourself also helps you in personal branding and profile management.

Pricing: Contact BrandYourself


ReviewPush offers a simple yet efficient solution for online review management that assists businesses in requesting testimonials from happy clients. The software enables you to send custom review soliciting emails to your visitors and also makes certain they respond to any new post as soon as they are uploaded.

With ReviewPush, you can observe all the reviews from multiple locations in one place. The multi-level access dashboard also helps you to perform a multitude of tasks such as review management, responding to feedback, etc.


· ReviewPush monitors multiple sites such as Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yellowpages, etc. on a daily basis for new reviews.

· When your business receives a new review it sends you a notification via email that contains an option to respond to the reviews.

· You can access your business for multiple locations and ReviewPush’s custom dashboard makes it easy to manage your online reviews.

· ReviewPush helps you identify the local review profiles that you are missing across the web.


· 21-day free trial

· Paid plan — $10-$99 Per Location, per Month

· For complete pricing information, contact the sales


Brandwatch is a leading social media monitoring tool that allows your business to analyze and utilize business conversations across social media channels. It offers a powerful and effective social media monitoring and analytics platform that lets you collect, analyze, and report relevant business insights based on your social media data.

Brandwatch covers news sites, forums, blogs, and social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can explore social media data for the terms your visitors are searching by using categorization, sentiment analysis, charting, and other analytic features that will give you further insights.


· You can measure your campaigns, brands, and products based on metrics such as conversation volume, conversations-timings, your brand’s share of voice, etc.

· With sentiment scoring, Brandwatch measures whether mentions of your brand are positive, negative or neutral.

· It identifies who is talking about your brand along with their influence over social communities.

· You can access custom reports and dashboards to measure social activity and engagement opportunities.

Pricing: Contact Brandwatch


Mention specializes in different types of business monitoring activities over the web. It is able to monitor huge sources of data online that provide a rich source of information for businesses that are trending and popular.

You can utilize Mention to identify influencers who can drive interest to your brands while being able to monitor how the brand performs across the web. You can also track campaigns and identify new outlets and coverage opportunities for your brand.


· Mention connects social accounts to a response from its dashboard.

· It helps you generate reports and compare alert performance.

· You can identify influencers talking about your brand online.

· It offers real-time monitoring for web and social media.

· Mention has several search and filter options to find important brand mentions.

· You can export mentions in PDF or CSV formats.


· Monthly plans: Solo — 29$ per month, Enterprise — $600+ per month

· Yearly plans: Solo — 25$ per month, Enterprise — $600+ per month

Review Trackers

ReviewTrackers is award-winning reputation management and customer review tool that collects online reviews for multi-location businesses. It is an ideal solution for any business with multiple locations that are looking for a reliable and effective way to manage online reviews published on popular review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.

Apart from collecting reviews, ReviewTrackers is also built to track the performance of every store location using enterprise-grade tools and powerful reporting features. Thanks to its enterprise-level tools and reporting, you can determine and address problems quickly and monitor the performance of each location.


· ReviewTrackers offers a strong surveys and feedback management feature.

· It has various customizable templates.

· It offers a seamless social media integration process.

· You can export data in PDF, Excel or via ReviewTrackers-API.

· Its B2B integration and client portal management tool is unique and powerful.

· ReviewTrackers offers automatic email notifications.


· Enterprise plan — Request a demo

· Professional plan — Start a free trial

· Partner plan — Request a demo

Wrapping Up:

Your online reputation is everything in this continually changing digital world. With a solid ORM tool, you can attract new customers, keep the ones you have, and enhance your online presence positively. The aforementioned 9 Online Reputation Management tools will undoubtedly help you manage your online presence and optimize your business in a highly sustainable manner.

Soumya Roy

Written by

Digital Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur and Coach at PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy, Founder & CEO of PromozSEO.com

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