Be Crazy!

I don’t know why being different is considered such a taboo. What’s so special about being the same as everyone one else? Why, since our birth, are we told to be like everyone else, follow the conventional path, when there are so many better ways to make life interesting.

We’re surely not born that way. As a kid, someone eats dirt, someone breaks apart all their toys, and some pick up those broken pieces to create something new. But every time the boy picked up the spatula to make a pancake, or the girl picked up the screwdriver to fix her broken bicycle a voice from someone in the family told them to stop. Why? Because “what will people say!!” They kept telling the kids, again and again, to stop doing things differently until their voice became the voice in their head.

As you grow up, it becomes your second nature to think about people first and yourself later. “Should I be doing this?”, “Will my parents approve of this?”, “What will the neighbours say?” are the first questions in your mind instead of “Is this interesting?”, “Will this make me happy?”, “Will I regret not doing this?”.

And if you don’t think of all these questions, and do what you want to do you are called selfish. What’s so selfish about being happy?

Walt Disney, was fired by a newspaper editor, because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Just imagine if he had given up on his passion and taken up a conventional job as an engineer or doctor. Imagine the world without Mickey Mouse! What a sad world that would be.

Heard about the Harry Potter series? Of course you have, who hasn’t? The author J. K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishing companies before being accepted by Bloomsbury. If she had listened to those 12 editors who told her that she was not good enough, we would have missed out on a such a big literary gem.

And tell me truly, does going by the book ever made anyone happy? Does it make you feel good when you did the things people told you to do instead of what you wanted to do? Did you ever excel in it? No! Because the heart wants what it wants and if you don’t give it to the heart, it pines for it, forever!

On top of that does being conventional make others happy? A big NO! Agreed people will be pleased with you for a day or two but after that nobody gives a shit! People care only, as long as they have to crush down a budding rebellion. Once things are calm, you can make yourself miserable doing what people asked you to do, and no one will come to pat your back or give you a word of encouragement. You will be crying alone doing that desk job, when your heart wants to go around the world taking pictures of all that is bright and beautiful.

So you’ll hurt yourself by not following your passion, no one would care about what you’re doing, and you’ll regret choosing the traditional path because you will know that you would have done so much better on the path less travelled! They why, tell me why, for the pleasure of those “chaar-log” should you damn your happy life? Why should you not be crazy?