Frostles and his Belly

There was this little blue bear I knew, Frostles. I’m not sure if he was Mister Frostles, he surely wasn’t that big, so I just called him Frostles.

Frostles wasn’t as tall as he was round, and the roundest part of him was his belly.

Frostles didn’t like his belly so much. He thought it was rather useless an addition to himself and wondered why his stitcher has stitched on such a large one for him. When it was empty, it would growl at him. Sometimes, he would be working on very important things when his belly got empty and it would roar like a mighty lion, frightening Frostle out of his wits.

Some days, when Frostles would be out trying to enjoy the sun, his belly would come in the way and make him stumble, and sometimes tumble, onto the grass. He would bounce and roll about until he could get up. It was fun sometimes (he liked bouncing and rolling), he admitted, but it could get quite bothersome especially when he was running late for things.

And what was more, he had never seen his toes! He wasn’t sure he had any, really, but he imagined he did.

Frostles would sigh a loud sigh, pat his belly and tell it he was quite tired of it.

One day, Frostles was lying on his back under a great big yellow sun when a small sparrow came and perched itself on his belly.

“Hello, there. I’m Frostles. I see you’ve made yourself comfortable!” greeted Frostles with a smile.

“Oh, I didn’t know there was a bear under this belly!” said the sparrow in a sing-song voice, “what a lovely, large bellyyou have.” She fluttered about on it for a while and then- “I could make my home on it.”

“No, you certainly may not!” cried Frostles, scrambling up off the grass, hurriedly, brushing away the little bird as he did so. She landed bottom-first inside her hat. As she tried to wiggle herself out, she observed Frostles.

Frostles looked cross for a moment, and then he looked sad. He sighed a loud sigh, and patted his belly, “I’m quite tired of you, Big Belly.” His belly responded, informing him softly that it was empty.

The sparrow felt sorry for Frostles, and also for his belly. She wished she could show him how wonderful it was!

And it was in that magnificent moment that an idea dawned upon her. She plucked a feather off from under her hat and brushed it under Frostles’ belly. It didn’t work at first but then,

Lo and behold-

A giggle was born in Frostles’ belly! And the giggle became a chortle. Which became a loud laugh, full and splendid.

Frostles rolled about happily until the tickle stopped.

The sparrow came forward with her feather. “Here Frostles, you keep this. Now whenever you feel tired of your belly, you can do what I just did. If you leave some laughter in that belly, you will never get tired of it ever again.”

Frostles took the sparrow in his palm and smiled.

He sighed a happy sigh, and patted his belly, “You may not be so useless or empty after all, Big Belly.”