Where the heck are you?
The Medium Writing Prompt

On the shuttle bus cruising along 280 at 9am

Every morning, I catch my shuttle to go to work. I travel between SF and San Jose on a comfortable bus for an hour.

The view outside the window is gorgeous. There are lakes, open meadows with horses, lush green trees, mountains, blue/gray skies.. It is a very pleasant view. I don’t always stop to appreciate it. Seeing something everyday sort of gets you to take things for granted.

I don’t mind the morning commute. Having to catch the shuttle at a certain time has disciplined me to not take time to granted. I have optimized my morning routine out of bed and to the bus stop to some extent. I sometimes try to hit 0 inbox state before I reach work. Other times I read books. Other times I gaze out of the window.

This morning time is mine.

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