Peculium for a profitable investment

Good afternoon, readers! I want to talk about a unique project that will help you in saving your deposits and not only so let’s start.The purpose of this project is to teach people to save their money, and not only to save a but also to increase. At the moment, there are several new projects and new ideas, tokens on the chain of aetherums are quite common, and you can find several interesting projects. 
We have just learned about Peculium, they plan to create a savings system using artificial intelligence that calculates the best opportunities for risk and benefit for each person, and not just for big players in the financial world.

Since 2009 when the first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin, was brought on, the cryptoeconomy has been waxing great numerically as many more cryptos have been introduced into the world of virtual money. Almost everybody, if not all, on the market has been concerned with trading and earning on the cryptomarket but only few think of saving ahead of a rainy day in the future. As it is said, save money and money will save you. Some will not appreciate how much of a great deal that saying is true until they save small amounts and soon build up to a large amount that will prove immensely useful in the future.

The Peculium project, based in France, aims to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help savers and investors build wealth while leveraging blockchain technology. The token, PCL, is ERC20 compliant and thus runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. PECULIUM team brings twenty years of experience in automated machine learning in the form of its financial advisor “AIΞVE” (Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Values, and Equilibrium). PECULIUM AML AIΞVE utilizes a de-facto mastered risk management algorithm to intelligently diversify and continually optimize investments to achieve the lowest risk-to-benefit ratio. Based on statistics, PECULIUM is the first savings management platform to take advantage of the blockchain technology. PECULIUM revolutionizes savings management by deploying immutable Smart-Contracts over Ethereum blockchain.

We proud that Peculium has a particular perspective for the future world. It is a fresh idea in the saving system to use artificial intelligence to calculate the best risk-to-benefit opportunities. It has brought two worlds together, savings and blockchain through Ethereum. This particular concept triggers to eradicate risks encountered in the investment world. PECULIUM is the first savings management platform to take advantage of the blockchain technology. PECULIUM revolutionizes savings management by deploying immutable Smart-Contracts over the Ethereum blockchain. Thesesmart contracts provide a trust-less way of achieving transparent, decentralized, and infallible contractual agreements.

By using the Ethereum blockchain, Peculium transactions will be stored immutably on a global ledger. Blockchain technology will allow for superior transparency and security for users of the platform. The Ethereum blockchain features self-executing “smart contracts” that allow parties to transact without middlemen, thus reducing the costs for the parties involved. Like the Ethereum blockchain, Peculium software is open-source and transparent. Due to the importance of security for building trust among users of the platform, the project will allot substantial sums to invest in security and will hire outside firms to analyze the security of the platform.

Peculium is a merger of Blockchain, Crypto and AI technology. The PECULIUM platform will allow monitoring and management of crypto-assets in real time and maximizes benefits from the thriving cryptocurrency markets.Peculium is the new paradigm of the AI management system and undoubtedly a universal field. Analysts believe that AIEVE — Artificial Intelligence aligns stability and security. It is transparent and an important strength for better management.

PECULIUM offers products with varying degrees of autonomy over the asset management, which range from completely autonomous suitable for users and investors to highly customizable suitable for professional traders, larger corporations, and brokers who are interested in providing customized plans for their clients! The PECULIUM platform will allow monitoring and management of crypto-assets in real time.Its real!

A quarter of the funds from the crowdsale will go into the First Solidus Contract (FSC), a self-managed smart contract that will run for six months. Besides building wealth for investors, FSC is meant to showcase the power of AIEVE to investors. 50 percent of the profits of FSC will go to investors and the other 50 percent will be used to maintain the project and fund its expansion. The profits of future smart contracts will also be evenly split between investors and the project.

Peculium will offer various services for investors to meet their needs. These services vary in their level of autonomy of management, and will allow for real-time monitoring by investors. The most basic service offered by the project is Singulus, which emphasizes stability and security. Investors can add features to this service by subscription, and can self-manage it or call brokers or partners for assistance. Peculium has a special perspective for the future of the world. It is a new idea in the savings system to use artificial intelligence to calculate the best opportunities for risk. This specific concept allows you to eradicate the risks that arise in the investment world. Thus, making it more transparent and secured, as always. This is a rather stimulating factor for using AI to improve and improve people’s savings and share profits with investors.

I think that the project worthy. Especially the crypto world is successfully flourishing.Since last 9 months crypto space has grown 4–8x. With wide spread adoption, the trend will continue to grow. The smart trading with the algorithms developed to exploit information in the social media, news, Forex markets, wallstreet etc and create strategies in real time to keep the losses to minimum and maximize gains will probably steal the game of growth. You can easily be a part of this transparent system based on blockchain technology. 
Peculium is a transparent platform with automatic machine learningInvestors now have rights that can not be selected from transparency, portfolio management in real-time, while ensuring itself as an extraordinary future.


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