Start the day

The day starts with green indian parrot by the window speaking about the day it started by searching for the fruits around the colony where I stay ..

Indian parrots

Finishing my morning call and brushing ny teeth and half a litre of water inside my bowl would be the best way to start the day at 7 am mostly .

Plugin the mobile charger in the morning and apply oil on my head and wait for 20 minutes to get the oil penetrates into the pores of my head and body .Have a shower and then dress up and plug out the charger from mobile and take the back pack with rs 10 note in my pocket and the rest in my back pack and walk down to the bus stop which is around 500 metres from the colony i stay .

Mostly i reach the bus stop by 7:50 AM waiting for the bus, once the bus comes i get into the bus and stand till i reach thr bus stop that I’m supposed to reach . From there cross the wild traffic roads in an indian mode 😋 and reach my regular tapri shop (Small restaurant Tiffin Center Anna Shop) and get ask for my regular poha with sambar (Amruthan) would be the right word (Gods Food) kandha poha with aloo burji and pumpkin sambar .

Then while crossing the roads, i pray to goddess chatrushingi and reach office which is around 750 metres from the bus stop.

Almost around 3500 to 4500 steps i walk early morning to office to keep my health intact .

Reach office and have a sip of green tea

Best part of life is the morning walk in the busy hours and the smiles on faces of people and the fussy faces of the happenings at their home.. but the day starts well and good for all..

Morning office walk