By Sound Film Studio

Video is a powerful tool for any event, and live video takes it to the next level. When you’re broadcasting your show LIVE on Facebook or YouTube Live Video, audience engagement skyrockets with real-time interaction that can be seen by anyone across the globe!

With this new form of communication at our fingertips, more than ever before, we have an opportunity to get creative in ways never thought possible; from interactive polling questions during presentations to streaming interviews with attendees.

For a live video, you will need to have the right equipment. You can get away with using your phone if necessary; however it is recommended that you use either an external camera or one of many phones on the market now which are equipped for this type of streaming. The most important thing in preparing for livestreaming is ensuring high quality sound and lighting so do not forget about these two aspects!

Though simple enough, there are some things to keep in mind before hitting record because stream failure could be catastrophic: setting up another camera angle (back-up), choosing shooting positions carefully (avoid obstructions like large banners, attendees who block views), making sure internet connectivity stays strong throughout event duration (~2 hours) as well as storing recorded.

Live streaming your event can be a great way to reach people who might miss the live experience in-person. You have many software options for broadcasting and they’re all free! YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or even Livestream are some of the most popular choices out there that let you go live at events — find one that’s best suited for what kind of content you want to produce. It’s important not only because it brings more viewers but also helps with generating revenue from ads too!

The best way to create a great video is with an amazing camera! Whether you are looking for the latest gadgets or want something more affordable, there is a perfect option out there. Stick to your budget and figure out what features would be most beneficial for your situation before investing in anything too pricey. But don’t forget that it’s worth spending money on high-quality equipment if this will result in better videos down the road as viewers flock when they see how much quality their viewing experience has been improved by upgrading from lower resolution devices.

Audio quality is just as important as video at an event, some would say that it even matters more. Without audio your viewers are likely to leave the live stream if they can’t understand what’s happening on screen!

There are a few options for microphones: condenser mics work well in set-ups where people have their own table and lapel ones do great when presenters like me move around while speaking or filming.

A sound mixer is a must for any event that will be using multiple cameras and presenters. It allows you to cut in and out of specific microphones when necessary, as well as control the volume levels so everyone can hear clearly at all times!

An audio mixer is essential for events that are also using multiple cameras and presenters. With a single click, the sound engineer can cut in to whichever microphone they want or raise or lower volume as needed. This ensures an optimal experience with crisp clarity!

Livestream reported that 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket after watching your event live. If you can’t think of any reason not to stream it, we’ve got plenty: for starters, the ability to reach out past yourself and attendees on just one day is incredible; or how about providing an experience like no other? The fact is streaming will make your events better than ever!

Going digital is the only way to reach people nowadays. By opening up your event to those who cannot attend in person, you are able to transform into a global experience that engages demographics that would have otherwise been missed out on with an indoor-only setup. Your live video will not only reach those who were unable to physically be there but also reaches some of our target audience — non-attendees or even attendees unaware of this specific event! This is why it’s crucial for us create and promote a unique hashtag throughout the duration of the event so we can keep track easier after everything has ended.

Live video is a great way to get your content out there as soon as it happens. It doesn’t matter if you’re at an event and want people that are participating there, or just have something special happening in the office — live video can be used for anything! One of my favorite things about this type of media is that once it’s uploaded (making sure the size requirements are met), viewers will be able look back on older videos over time while getting their latest updates automatically delivered too.

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