Photographed by Olademeji Odunsi, Courtesy of Unsplash

Vogue doesn’t deserve the clout, especially not from black people

Last week as I was scrolling through twitter, I was blown away by the unparalleled creativity and skill of black people. In a new viral trend, black creatives are creating faux Vogue magazine covers and sharing them using the #VogueChallenge. The purpose of the challenge is to show that people of color should have more opportunities at Vogue and in the fashion industry. Even in a time when we’re forced to reckon with the U.S.’s racist policing system, black people are still taking time to celebrate our beauty. …

Soundjata Sharod

Hey people. I am an undergraduate student at UIUC. This is my blog about style, fashion, and culture. I am also a contributor to Page Magazine.

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