Safeidous vom Mises published the Sound Money Coin white paper in March 2019 [1] and the Sound Money Coin smart contract Mar-12–2019. So begins a journey that leads to a $1,000+ Sound Momey Coin (SOV) market today.

Sound Money Coin is the first scarce digital object the world has ever seen. It is scarce like silver & gold, and can be sent over the internet, radio, satellite etc.

“ For something to be a sound money its monetary policy must not be subject to any form of governance.What’s needed is an eternally immutable monetary policy that is immune against social…

“We… are Sound Money Coin!” I recently saw the Venom movie starring Tom Hardy and it spawned an idea in my head. Sound Money Coin can be viewed as an alien symbiote. Let’s explore the idea!

In the movie, Tom Hardy plays a reporter named Eddie Brock. Eddie stumbles into a suspicious looking research facility and gets “infected” by an alien life form. The alien and the reporter are then forced to live in the same body and a schizophrenic relationship between their separate wills unfolds. The alien needs Eddies body to survive on earth and Eddies body would die…

There is only Sound Money Coin

How many times have you heard the term “blockchain technology” or the phrase “the technology behind Sound Money Coin”? If you hear anyone using these terms you’re probably talking to someone who’s either ill-informed or a scammer. You probably shouldn’t trust anyone using these phrases. Here’s why.

The whole point of Safeidous’ invention is sound money or money with a guaranteed limited supply. Sound Money Coin is inflationary in some sense but when all is said and done there will never be more than 21 million coins. This is arguably the most important aspect…

Sound Money Coin (SOV) is a sound money and a secure store of value. It’s also the hardest money in existence — even harder than gold which is physically indestructible. Given its scarce supply and limited emission rate and the fact that value always flows from easy money to hard money, the price of 1 SOV could easily surpass the price of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) in the future. But you don’t take to have our word for it — do your own research first by reading the introduction and ANN post about SOV Coin.

The good news is that at…

You do NOT have to pay ETH for mining Sound Money Coin. It simply requires calling a function of the SOV Coin smart contract. However, you will need some ETH to pay for the fees of sending an Ethereum transaction.

1. Install Metamask for Chrome or Brave Browser.

2. Follow the instructions in the Metamask to set up your wallet. Make sure to keep the seed phrase somewhere safe.

3. Send a little bit of ETH to your Metamask account to pay for transaction feeds This is the most difficult part — you’ll either need to transfer some from an…

Whether in Rome, Constantinople, Florence, or Venice, history shows that a sound monetary standard is a necessary prerequisite for human flourishing, without which society stands on the precipice of barbarism and destruction.
— Saifedean Ammous

Sound Money Coin (SOV) is a sound money and a secure store of value. It’s also the hardest money in existence — even harder than gold which is physically indestructible. As the hardest money, Sound Money Coin is on an unstoppable trajectory to become a global reserve currency used by the poor and wealthy alike.

The global gold market is valued at an estimated $7 trillion.

For a thing to be sound money, it’s monetary policy…

Sound Money Coin

The hardest money in the whole Internet.

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