Anker Soundcore Pro Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Anker Soundcore Pro+ Bluetooth speaker is one of the best bluetooth speakers you can buy for under $100. Click here to see the current price. This is the new and improved version of the original Soundcore pro. With the less than great reviews obtained by the Soundcore pro, Anker has made the plus version in order to fix some of the issues the speaker has.

Today you will find out if this new version can give the Soundcore pro a new life.

All Features in this speaker

The Soundcore pro plus has most of the features that other speakers in this price range have. The battery life on this speaker is actually really good now with 18 hours of battery life. This falls 2 hours below the JBL Charge 3 which is just a little more expensive than the pro plus. This speaker comes with a USB output that lets the Soundcore pro plus double as a power bank. You should keep in mind that the speaker takes about 4 to 6 hours to get a full charge before you use this feature.

This speaker is rated IPX4 which means it is water resistant. You could put it under running water, however, it will not survive being submerged under water. The speaker also features NFC pairing making it really easy to pair with any mobile device. If you don’t want to use Bluetooth there is also a standard AUX output next to the USB output.

Build quality and durability

The first thing I noticed when I took the pro plus out of the box is how heavy it feels. To me, it was not a big deal, however other people seem to be bothered by this. I personally don’t mind the weight because it makes it feel properly built. It is small and light enough to fit into my backpack comfortably.

The chassis is made of aluminum which feels really great to the touch. The top is made of a treated rubber which is very smooth. This is where you find your power, volume up and down, play, and bluetooth buttons. There is also an LED strip that lets you know the battery level. On the bottom part of the speaker there are 4 rubber feet. These feet are very small and don’t really separate the speaker from whatever surface you put it on.

How good is the sound?

The Anker Soundcore Pro+ comes equipped with 4 tuned sound drivers. These drivers combined produced a 25-watt Audio. With this, the speaker is able to get really loud. Much louder than the previous pro version. The four drivers are controlled with a digital signal processor to ensure the best sound possible.

After testing the sound with various songs, I noticed a few things. First of all the sound is really good compared to the price. Anker has definitely improved the mids and highs on this plus version. Making them very clear and crisp. There is a lot of good quality bass during all stages of this speaker. Mostly due to it having the Anker bass boost technology.

With the previous version of this speaker, there was a lot of complaints about the speaker getting muffled in higher volumes. This new version performed excellently on all volume levels. The low ends still seem to be lacking some of the clarity you get with their competitors.

A closer look at the Soundcore pro plus

The Pro Plus Overall

Overall the Soundcore pro plus is a much better speaker than the original Soundcore pro. For the price, I would say it is definitely worth it. The sound is really good all around. The base is especially really good with the bass boost.

It has a good durable built. Just keep in mind that is one of the heavier speakers of this size. Also, keep in mind it’s IPX 4 rating which makes it only water resistant.

With all it’s features and quality sound this is one of the best speakers you can buy for under $100.

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Originally published at Sound Patron.