Best noise canceling headphones under 100- Top 5 noise canceling headphones

Are you tired of hearing your roommates scream their lungs off?

Or maybe you just enjoy listening to your music without any interruptions. That why today we are bringing you the best noise cancelling headphones under 100 dollars. These headphones are the best at blocking out the world while you watch your youtube videos. They are also the best at not breaking the bank.

Are noise cancelling headphones for you?

Today we will be taking into account 3 major areas for raking these headphones. These are noise cancelling, comfort, and sound quality. This will help you figure out if a pair of noise cancelling headphones will fit your lifestyle and needs.

1. Monoprice Hi-Fi Active Noise-Canceling Headphone

Monoprice Hi-Fi Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

The Monoprice Hi-Fi Headphones are fantastic. Monoprice has tried to make a good imitation of the top-rated Bose noise canceling headphones. While keeping the price a third of that of the Bose headphones. They have definitely come up with something that resembles the Bose headphones.

Let’s see how well they performed.

Comfort: While these headphones are not as comfortable as the much pricier Bose headphones, They do feature memory foam earpads which makes them very comfortable. They are relatively light when compared with other noise-canceling headphones. This is a nice touch because they will not tire you as easily. They have a very snug fit over the head which makes them very comfortable when moving. The over the ear fit is great and does not tire the ear easily. The only drawback in their design is the black glossy finish on the outside of the earcups which are very prone to scratches. These also make it easier to see fingerprints on the earcups.

Noise canceling: These headphones are great when it comes to noise canceling. You can clearly tell that they were designed with this as their priority. Right off the bat, you notice the noise canceling even when the active noise canceling is turned off. Turn on the active noise canceling and the world gets tune out. Start to play a song in low volume and you can no longer hear a single thing for the outside. They definitely perform great at noise canceling. Even if you work at a noisy office or you live with really loud people.

Sound quality : As you may or may not know, when you choose a pair of noise-canceling headphones there is a drawback. That drawback is the quality of the of the sound produced. Like in any of the active noise canceling headphones there is a small loss of sound clarity. Ther are headphones that perform better in this category such as Harman Kardon and Bose. These headphones are considerably more expensive. That being said this pair of headphones sound great. If you turn off the active sound canceling then the sound becomes even clearer. With active noise canceling on you can hear a slightly boosted bass.

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2. Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphones


The Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphones are definitely some of the best looking headphones on this list. They feature active noise canceling, premium quality, wire and wireless connectivity, and best of all a great price that won’t hurt your wallet.

This is how they performed.

Comfort: The first time we put on this pair of headphones, we couldn’t help but notice that they were a bit heavy. This is to be expected from a pair of wireless headphones wich just always seem to be heavier. After wearing them for a while the weight end up not really bothering us at all.

Noise canceling: The WaveSound 3 are another great pair of headphones that start canceling the noise right when you first put them on. This is due to their metal frame design which helps block out noise. Of course, their more important feature is the active noise canceling which works amazingly when activated. One thing that struck us was that when we turned on the active noise canceling the volume and bass were amplified. This is as expected with most noise-canceling headphones. This did not affect the quality of the music no matter what genre of music we played.

Sound quality: The sound quality of the WaveSound 3 is incredible. They the clearest sound we have seen so far in a pair of headphones at this price. One thing you should know is that these pair of headphones do not have the greatest bass in this list. So if you are a fan of hip-hop or rap, I suggest that you consider one of the other headphones on this list. That being said, as we mentioned before when you turn on the active noise canceling you will notice an increase in bass and volume.

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3. CB3 HUSH Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


The modern and slick design is what really drew us to the CB3 HUSH headphones. So we decided to give them a shot and see what they are made of.

Here is what we discovered.

Comfort: These headphones are super comfortable. The pads are soft on the ear while creating a great seal that blocks sound. The headband is also one of the most comfortable headbands we have ever tried on. This headband also makes a great fit around the head. Making these headphones great for long listening sessions. Combine this with a slick and lightweight design and you have a pair of headphones that will never wear you down.

Noise canceling: For the price range of these headphones the noise canceling is exceptional. Without the active noise canceling turned on you can still block out most unwanted sounds. When you do turn on the active noise canceling you will soon realize that the sound quality will remain at the same high quality. The active noise canceling is great however it will not block out any screaming voices.

Sound quality: These headphones have a very crisp sound. The sound quality is not the best we have ever tested, but for headphones in this price range, we definitely think they outperform most economic noise-canceling headphones. As we mentioned before these are the only pair of headphones that were not affected when we turn the active noise canceling on.

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4. Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones


The MDRZX110NC is Sony’s attempt at a low price pair of noise-canceling headphones. Backed by a giant like Sony one would expect at least some decent quality. Even for a pair of headphones at this price. Regardless we still had to put them to the test to see how they stacked up.

This is how they performed.

Comfort: These headphones are definitely not the most comfortable headphones on this list. They are however overall pretty comfortable. This is due mainly to their lightweight design that doesn’t weigh you down. Another great feature is that the headband does not excessive pressure on your head. The lack of padding on the headband does make then a little uncomfortable after a lot period of time. The ear cups are also not as soft as we would like them to be. Overall the fit is great on the ear.

Noise canceling: Since these headphones are of the on-ear variety the noise canceling is not as great. However, if you prefer on the ear headphones then this could be the pair for you. Although the ear cups are not as soft as we expected. They do perform great when it comes not noise isolation. Turning on the active noise canceling we noticed that they deliver about 96 percent ambient noise isolation. Which is perfect for most people working in an office. Something that these Sony headphones are great at is stopping noise leakage. Meaning that you can listen to your music as loud as you need without disturbing anyone.

Sound quality: These are great sounding headphones as we would expect from Sony. They have a good amount of bass while managing to hit mids perfectly. The sounds come out clear and have a great range of volume. The Sony MDRZX110NC noise canceling headphones are the definitely some of the best when it comes to sound quality. Their sound is also not affected by the active noise canceling.

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5. iDeaUSA Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone


What really attracted us to these pair of headphones was their design. From the outside, they look great. With their textured earcups and engraved right and left signals. Seeing their great design we decided to put them to the test.

This is how they scored.

Comfort: These headphones are incredibly comfortable. By far some of the lightest wireless headphones we have ever tried on. Another great feature is the padding on the ear cups. It feels soft to the touch which help in not tiring out the ear. They come with quality padding all around the headband which just makes them just that much more comfortable. They do appear to come a little large which would not be the best for anyone with a small head. Overall they offer one of the most comfortable experiences on this list.

Noise canceling: When it comes to blocking out the world these headphones perform great with their active noise canceling. Being over the ear headphones they manage to block out a lot of the sound naturally which is already a plus. Once the active noise canceling is on the headphones will block out most ambient noise without affecting the sound quality of your music.

Sound quality: The bass definitely surprised us on these headphones. We were expecting low-quality bass but they actually delivered a really good bass all around. They have a full dynamic range of sounds. The sound produced is also not distorted in any noticeable way. That being said these headphones are not the best in sound quality but they are great for the price.

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