Fitgoo Review | Who Needs It and What Is Good For

Fitgoo is a sealant that creates a waterproof seal between earphones and your ears.It is an inexpensive fix for loose headphones(see price).This product is aimed at swimmers who want to enjoy their music underwater. However there some other people who can benefit from fitgoo.

See if you can use it to…

Does it work?

Fitgoo works great at keeping the watertight seal when swimming. By simply putting a little dab on each earbud you get a seal that will last for hours of swimming.

This seal is not only good for keeping water in but will also keep the earbuds in place during any exercise.

When you first put the goo in your ears the wet feeling will probably seem weird. This is something that you get used to after a while. It did not cause any discomfort for me when I tried it on myself.

Who should Use it?

Even though the fitgoo was made for swimmers, I believe that anyone can use it. If you think that you can benefit from having a tight seal on your earbuds then you should use it too.

For example, runners usually suffer from headphones that fall out all the time. A lot of the time it is because of the weak seal earbuds create on their own. Also, a lot of sweat can make them come loose. I have lost a lot of earbuds while running, so I decided to use the fitgoo when I run. My earbuds stayed on perfectly and I have been using the goo everytime I run now.

With a much better seal around the earbuds, I have noticed some improvement in sound quality which is very important.

Originally published at Sound Patron.