Ghostek Rapture Premium Headphones Review

The Ghostek Rapture headphones are some of the most premium headphones produced by Goshtek. They are some of the best headphones you can buy for under $150. Click here to see the current price. With 40mm graphene drivers these headphones produce an amazing sound. I tested them for comfort, sound quality, and durability.

They managed to impress.

They are very comfortable

The way Goshtek designed the Rapture headphones makes them very comfortable. They have a very premium feel to them, with a lot of the areas being covered with protein leather. The ear cups are adjusted within the frame. This is different than most headphones where you adjust the frame in order to position the ear cups.

The headband is very soft and is covered with the classic Goshtek protein leather. The Padding on this headband has little ridges instead of being flat. This made them have a more comfortable fit on my head.

The Rapture’s feature on-ear style ear cups. They are covered with the very soft protein leather all around. The leather forms around the ear giving them an over the ear feel after a few minutes of wear. They are definitely some of the most comfortable on-ear headphones I have ever tried. The clamping force produced was just right, not to lose or to tight.

Amazing sound quality

Like I said before the Ghostek Rapture headphones sound amazing. The 40mm graphene drivers are responsible for the great sound. Graphene is a super light, conductive, and strong material that has made driver technology much better.

These headphones produce a very good punchy bass. At the highest volume, there was no distortion. You probably won’t be listening to these headphones at full volume because they get very loud. The mids are very crisp and clean. They produce a very nice soundstage when listening to any type of music. When it comes to highs the headphones are nothing too surprising but are great for the price.

Build quality and features

Let’s talk about the how well these headphones are made. Like I mention before, the build is made with a combination of protein leather and aluminum. There is very little plastic on the Raptures which makes them very sturdy.

They come equipped with some really premium features. There is an LED strip that lets you know the battery level. A share button has been added which lets you share whatever you’re listening to with another pair of Rapture headphones. Also if you prefer wired headphones there is a 3.5mm audio jack. Lastly, they feature Bluetooth 4.1 which in my test was good for 30 feet.

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Final words

Over all the Ghostek Rapture headphones are a great pair of premium headphones. They come with many feauteres that even other h

Originally published at Sound Patron.