ZEALOT S7 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

If you are looking for a really good budget speaker, then the ZEALOT s7 Bluetooth speaker is right for you. For the price, the Zealot s7 provides some really great sound quality. Click here to see the current price.

The way this speaker is designed is really cool. There are not a lot of speakers like it out there right now.

Let me show why the s7 is a great budget speaker.

A Beautiful Design

First I think that I should start off by saying that I love the way this speaker looks.

The way it was designed is great compared to how much it costs. I love the LED strip on the top of the speaker. It definitely adds a lot of style to the Zealot speaker. You also get the same colored LEDs on the touch controls on the top of the speaker. This top part has a very smooth shiny feeling. It makes the speaker feel more premium.

The overall build of the s7 fills very sturdily. I never got the feeling of it being cheap. Especially because Zealot seemed to put a lot of care into the design. On the bottom, there is this nice rubber surface that prevents the speaker from sliding. This to me is a plus because I have a glass desk where constantly things are sliding.

Overall the speaker feels ultra slick. Especially because there are no actual buttons on the speaker.

Really Great Sound

It is really surprising how good the sound is on the Zealot s7.

It comes equipped with 4 sound drivers. 2 of them are 15w drivers and the other 2 are 10w drivers. This allows the s7 to get really loud. I can appreciate a loud budget speaker. What I appreciated more is that even at loud volumes the s7 still sound clear. There are no noticeable distortions at higher volumes

The mids and highs sound really good. They are crisp and clear. The lows are surprisingly also really good quality. The sound at all levels is really good. Keep in mind that this is a budget speaker and you will not get any sort of premium sound quality.

The bass is really nice and punchy overall. I picked up almost a boosted feeling when I was testing it. However, this is subjective to everyone.

Other Specs and Features

This speaker doesn’t really have many other features other than playing your music. Which is what you should expect since this speaker has such a low price.

The most impressive feature in this speaker is the touch controls. They are very slick and work really well. You also have basic features such play/pause and volume controls. You also get the ability to take calls through the speaker.

Battery life is at 24 hrs. From my testing, I got 23 hrs and 15 mins. This is really good for this size of speaker. The Zealot s7 has a USB output that lets it work as a power bank.

Lastly, there is a micro USB slot in the back of the speaker that allows you to play whatever you have stored in it.

A Closer Look At The Zealot s7

Final Thoughts on the s7

The Zealot s7 is one of the best budget speakers you can get right now. The best part of this speaker is the sound quality and the nice touch control.

Overall it is a very reliable speaker for the price it is listed at. Therefore if you are looking for a really good speaker at a decent price. I suggest you give the Zealot s7 a try.

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