MusicEzee*TM — with the ‘Scientific Interactive Music Palette Application Software’ being created by JANSTON Pty. Ltd. combines Music Theory with easy activation SoundsEzee*TM — “makes music easy” Interactive FUN! with the ‘I-Learn-Music ‘2’ easy’ which will have Music Theory E-Books available for purchase, as well as viewing in Full Screen or Scroll view, via the LYRICS screen where the user can add written Poetry or Lyrics to then add sounds to the words, then transpose to any of the 12 Keys of music at the simple tap of a finger. You can view a short Video here:

Great for Music Therapy!
This is just one of 15 possible BACK function SETTINGS options between the 5 MusicEzee*TM Palettes and the 3MELODY-CAPTURE Palettes, which can be Pres-Set by the (user), depending on their own level of Musical Prowess.
#SoundsEzee*TM ‘makes #music easy’ Interactive FUN!
KEYBOARD Interactive screen view with some Chords at the base of screen
LYRICS and E-Book Reader Screen where you can Write your Poetry or Lyric’s to then add the Sounds to the Words and see what works for You? You can also Read E-Books in FULL Screen Reading or Kindle view as well as Buy (Licensed Music Books) via the App through JANSTON Pty. Ltd. Licensed Publishers or Purchase any E-Book via your AMAZON Account.
STAVE Interactive Screen where Notes will flash onto the screen as activated by the (user), great for Sight Reading of Music as you explore your options of creativity with Sound easily.
MusicEzee*TM — “makes music easy” SCALES Palette, slide fingers over Notes on Scales or TAP individually as required. In the case of the TWO RELATIVE Minor Scales displayed, namely the RELATIVE HARMONIC Minor Scale, you can Play the Scale UP or DOWN by a simple TAP of the Ascending or Descending name tag. With the less popular RELATIVE MELODIC Minor Scale which has TWO paths to create an Harmonious Sound, you simply TAP their White Labels Ascending or Descending to activate all 8 Notes in their structure: © Copyright Paul Callanan 1987–2018. All Rights Reserved.
MusicEzee*TM — “makes music easy” PRIMARY CHORDS Palette. Simply TAP on the CHORD Names to play the Chord or Tap on any note to activate a single Note as required. © Copyright Paul Callanan 1987–2018. All Rights Reserved.
MusicEzee*TM — “makes music easy” ADDITIONAL CHORDS Palette, simply TAP on CHORD Names for COMPLETE CHORD Play or single Notes for individual Notes. © Copyright Paul Callanan 1987–2018. All Rights Reserved.
MusicEzee*TM — “makes music easy” ‘TEST PATTERN’ Palette Screen. As (users) activate any SCALES or CHORDS with missing TEST NOTES, they in-turn will FLASH on the screen then disappear as set by the (user). This is Great for Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke Patients, Road Trauma or A.B.I. Patients in Therapy. © Copyright Paul Callanan 1987–2018. All Rights Reserved.
MusicEzee*TM — “makes music easy” Complete “Scientific Interactive Music Palette” for (users) to be able to Play complex Chords at the Tap of a Single finger to the Chord Name.
Finishing the E-Book to go with the Application Software, to be released firstly as an AMAZON E-Book format. From there to raise funds for the Final Code to be cut as well as A,B Testing for deployment. After which all manner of Music Publishers will be invited to have their Publications Purchased from within the Application on agreed Licensed terms with JANSTON Pty. Ltd. or purchase directly from AMAZON as desired..
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TuneSomeThing*TM is a Facebook type Platform for Musicians or the General Public to add their Creations or Tracks for their Friends, Public or otherwise as selected to Guess, Purchase or Vote UP or DOWN as desired after listening. All Tracks are Private (default) but a FULL Social Network can be created around the TuneSomeThing*TM Music Software Platform being created by: JANSTON Pty. Ltd. ACN — 061 089 138. © Copyright Paul Callanan 1987–2017. All Rights Reserved.

@SoundsEzee *TM — “makes music so easy” Interactive & FUN! ______By JANSTON Pty. Ltd. & the “WIZARD DESIGN SERVICES TRUST”