How to Promote Playlists on Your Media Channels

Playlisting Tips

Stayin’ Alive by the #BeeGees still makes us dance! — In this guide we teach you how to increase your playlists lifespan and reach with simple methods. Utilize your existing channels to the fullest and promote your playlist with little to no effort! Here’s how you optimize the process:

On your Website / Blog / App

Make room for music

Create a designated place on your website where your audience can access and listen to your playlists at all time, as a cool side content while exploring the rest of your website. This way you can grow your following with almost no effort, just make sure it’s accessible, and from there on the plays will roll in. Our top curators have made use of a sidebar or a navbar. See below for examples.

Revolt TV makes us of a navbar and a sidebar also uses a navbar but directs you straight to the player, integrated nicely with their layout

Complement your Core Content

Just like the other content you share, you need to promote it with a post. No need to write a bible, just a short update letting people know it’s out there.

You don’t need to make a post solely about your playlist, the playlist can come as a complimentary side dish to an existing topic — e.g. post your “girl power” playlist together with the latest news on Politics. OR simply embed your playlists whenever you talk about music, new releases, upcoming concerts etc.

  1. Share a post with a short statement of the updated playlist
  2. Embed a thematic playlist as a part of a specific article
  3. Embed your playlist every time you talk about music
The Globe and Mail showcases a thematic playlist as a part of their article

On your Social Media Channels

Manage the lifetime of your Playlist 

Remember to share your updates on Social Media to remind people of your awesome playlist, even if you’ve only updated it with 2 tracks, people want to know! Tip: Make sure you to tag new artists and labels for SEO optimization and Include emerging artists in the playlist for a bigger chance of getting reposts.

Never miss a thing

  • Facebook hack: Apart from sharing posts on Facebook you can put a playlist section on your page within your SIDEBAR for even more accessibility.
  • Twitter hack: As the average lifetime of a tweet is 18 minutes, it’s likely people will miss your playlist updates — therefore a trick is to PIN your tweet or put the link your BIO for a day.
Rinse Magazine Facebook post about their weekly playlists update

You got Mail

Include your weekly playlist in your weekly newsletter! This can become a recurring section that will give value and intrigue your readers to open your newsletters!

Simply feature your playlist artwork with a direct link to the music, and tell the short story behind the weeks update and new tracks.

Music in Print

In the Paper

You work in print? Music transcribes great to words, and there are many ways to efficiently use print to provide your readers with valuable content and at the same time grow a following.

Make a track list with the songs included in this week’s playlist and a short summary of the artists included, and finally provide the web address for your readers to open the playlist online.

Neon Magazine features the tracklist of their weekly playlist in their printed magazine


  1. Create room for a designated place for playlists on your website, to make it accessible at all times, and with little effort grow your following
  2. Playlists don’t have to take over, create them as a complement to your core content to make it even stronger.
  3. Manage the lifetime of your playlists by micro updates each week.
  4. Share and repost on all your social media channels
  5. Don’t forget alternative promotional outlets like print and newsletters, everyone loves music, and want to hear more about it!

If you haven’t yet, explore below the rest of our on-boarding series on how to get started making playlists! 

/ Miranda Lundberg: Community + Content at Soundsgood

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