A (much) better way to sync playlists on your Apple Music profile! 🎵🍎✨

Jun 25, 2018 · 3 min read

We have been discussing this for a loooooong time with the Apple Music team, and it’s now there:

  • You can now sync playlists directly on your own Apple Music profile! 🎉
  • Your listeners can also stream your playlists with Apple Music directly on the Soundsgood Universal Player. 🎧

This is a major upgrade from our previous Apple Music integration.

👉 How to connect your playlists to Apple Music?

Head to your channel on Soundsgood and open the streaming settings to connect your official Apple Music profile (gear icon near the streaming services icons).

Once Apple Music is connected, activate “Publish on Apple Music” in your playlist editor.

That’s it! Your playlist is created on your Apple Music profile.

Any update on Soundsgood is reflected on Apple Music. And with the Auto Sync feature activated, any update on another streaming profile is reflected on Apple Music too!

📕 Note: If your playlist was already on Apple Music, click the Apple Music settings icon, select your playlist, and hit ✔ to confirm. Soundsgood will use the existing playlist instead of creating a new one!

👩‍🎤 �Are you an official Apple Music Curator?

Apple Music still does not allow programmatic playlist updates on official Apple Music Curator profiles. 😭

Don’t worry! From Soundsgood, you can still publish a private Apple Music playlist on your Apple Music account, then drag and drop the updated tracklist on your official public playlist.

Better than searching tracks one by one right? 😊

💵 Don’t want to pay for an Apple Music profile?

Apple Music only allows paying subscribers to publish and update playlists on the service. 😭

If you can’t afford it, or simply don’t want to pay for two streaming services at the same time, you can just leave the “Publish on Apple Music” deactivated. As a result, Soundsgood will publish the playlist in your name on a neutral Apple Music account ready to be enjoyed by your audience. 😊

Can we Auto Sync from Apple Music ?

Yes! In your playlist, click Advanced, then AutoSync, select From Apple Music, and you are good to go!

For those who don’t know about Auto Sync, it checks everyday if your playlists have been updated on your main streaming service, and then, push the updates automatically to Soundsgood and across all your connected streaming profiles. A good way to streamline your playlist updates!

Louis for Soundsgood


  • New feature: Create playlists on your own Apple Music profile
  • New feature: Update playlists on your own Apple Music profile
  • New feature: Link Soundsgood to an existing Apple Music playlist (instead of creating a new one).
  • New feature: Stream music with Apple Music on the Soundsgood universal player
  • New feature: Auto Sync from Apple Music
  • New feature: Auto Sync from Napster
  • New feature: Auto Sync from Qobuz
  • Improvement: Add Napster track sources to all one-month old playlists
  • Improvement: Reduced Soundsgood universal player loading time on smartphones by 4


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