YouTube Music ✕ Soundsgood

Hey guys, you have been a lot asking for YouTube Music on Soundsgood. Well… it’s done! Here are a few notes and tips to get the most of out Google’s new music streaming service.

All your playlists are now streamable with YouTube Music.

You don’t need to convert your playlists to YouTube Music, they are automatically available there!

When sharing the Soundsgood player on your social networks and websites, your listeners can now pick YouTube Music to stream and save the playlist.

They will stream YouTube videos as usual. They can also save the playlist, or save single-tracks directly in their YouTube Music:


YouTube Music does not support yet deep links on smartphones. Hopefully they will fix that soon! In the meantime, we redirect listeners to the good ol’ YouTube.

A few notes about getting views in YouTube Music

  • Adding rare tracks in your playlists won’t work in your search engine optimization strategies since searching tracks do not return the playlists in which they are playlisted.
  • YouTube channels can’t be searched in YouTube Music: if most of your organic listeners type your channel name in YouTube to find your content, you might want to add your name at the end of your playlist names.
  • YouTube channels do not exist in YouTube Music: it means that people streaming your playlists in YouTube Music can’t click on your name to see your other playlists or even follow you. They can easily follow your playlist though.
  • It can take up to 24h before your new playlists appear in the YouTube Music search results. Don’t worry if you can’t find them yet.

In a nutshell, apart from working on your playlist titles to improve your search engine ranking, you can’t expect much from YouTube Music in terms of organic trafic and followers.

The real added value of YouTube Music comes when sharing the Soundsgood universal music player on which listeners will be able to enjoy their YouTube Music subscription if they have one!

Anything else?

We have also redesigned the “Publishing settings” section to better get whether Soundsgood should create a new playlist on your profile, or update an existing one.

Louis for Soundsgood


  • New feature: Save playlists in YouTube Music
  • New feature: Save single-tracks in YouTube Music
  • Improvement: Your playlist pages names now include your name as a playlist curator in addition to the playlist title
  • Improvement: New design for the “Publishing settings” section
  • Improvement: Optimizations to avoid quotas errors when syncing playlists to Apple Music
  • Bug fixed: Allow Spotify playlist import and sync even when Spotify playlist description field is bugged.
  • (********: working on top secret new features)