Paris, June 1st, 2020

This communication is following our several shutdown announcements since April 14th, 2020 via email and live notifications on the platform.

Hi everyone,

It’s been 7 years together…

90,000 active playlists followed by 210 million fans in streaming services.

35,000 curators playlisting from Soundsgood across Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, Napster, Qobuz, late Rdio, etc.


So… why the change?

Soundsgood has always been free to support the diversity in our community from music editors to journalists, radio hosts, artists, festivals, celebrities, footballers, youtubers, sports coaches, independents and aficionados.

We’ve financially powered the platform thanks to B2B activities with record labels: adapting…

What 3 options do you have?

You can of course develop your own player, but you will need to spend weeks contacting each record labels to clear the music rights and updating your song catalog will not be that flexible. A quicker solution would be to use a turnkey webradio solution, but in the end, they can come up quite pricey and do not really follow people’s new music consumption habits.

Our vision at Soundsgood is to work with all streaming services instead (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud, Napster, Qobuz, etc.). This way music rights are already cleared for tens of millions of tracks, and…


Hey guys, you have been a lot asking for YouTube Music on Soundsgood. Well… it’s done! Here are a few notes and tips to get the most of out Google’s new music streaming service.

All your playlists are now streamable with YouTube Music.

You don’t need to convert your playlists to YouTube Music, they are automatically available there!

When sharing the Soundsgood player on your social networks and websites, your listeners can now pick YouTube Music to stream and save the playlist.

They will stream YouTube videos as usual. They can also save the playlist, or save single-tracks directly in their YouTube Music:

We have been discussing this for a loooooong time with the Apple Music team, and it’s now there:

  • You can now sync playlists directly on your own Apple Music profile! 🎉
  • Your listeners can also stream your playlists with Apple Music directly on the Soundsgood Universal Player. 🎧


Dear playlist curators, we are glad to announce a new partnership with Napster. You can now sync your Soundsgood playlists on Napster and reach millions of listeners in 34 countries!

Napster listeners will be able to discover your Soundsgood playlists directly within the Napster app, but also stream and follow your playlists with Napster when sharing them with Soundsgood on websites and social media.


Great week as YouTube Music just started to roll out worldwide! 🗺

While we are making sure your playlists will be available there, we brought a few (unrelated) changes to Soundsgood and wanted to give you an update!

Share your smart playlists with Spanish-speaking listeners

🚀 Soundsgood is growing fast across Spanish-speaking countries, especially in South America where more and more influencers share their playlists with Soundsgood such as 📰 El Tiempo, 👨‍🎤Pepe Aguilar and 👩‍🎤 Aida Cuevas.

To encourage this organic growth, Spanish-speaking listeners can now enjoy your smart playlists in their main language. …


That’s it! Your listeners can now stream and download all your playlists in High-Res thanks to our new streaming partner Qobuz!

When discovering your playlists, they just have to select Qobuz to experience your playlists in Ultra-Quality (24-Bit/192 kHz) or CD-Quality (16-Bit/44.1 kHz) depending on their Qobuz subscription.


As you well know, updating your most-followed playlists is key to keep your listeners engaged and gain new followers.

You could already sync your playlists updates from Soundsgood to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, etc. Well, with today’s new release, syncing now works both ways!

Introducing Auto Sync from Spotify ▾

(or from any other streaming service)

Auto Sync checks everyday if your playlist has been updated in your main streaming service, and syncs the changes everywhere else. No need to actually go on Soundsgood, edit your playlist, and click Sync anymore. …


Dear music influencers,

In today’s new release, the listening experience for your Spotify fans got significantly upgraded! 💪🎵

As you well know, when sharing the 🎧 Soundsgood Universal Player, your fans can pick their favorite service to stream and follow your playlists (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, etc.).

Until recently, listeners choosing Spotify would then see a Spotify widget which only featured Spotify-matched songs. This was quite unfortunate since your playlists often include rare SoundCloud / YouTube links and new emerging artists that have not made their way yet onto Spotify.👩‍🎤🚀✨

Spotify listeners can now enjoy your full playlists, not just the Spotify songs.

This upgrade allows your Spotify listeners to enjoy ALL…


After a year working with Apple, we’re excited to announce that your audiences on Apple Music can now enjoy your playlists! From Soundsgood, you can sync your playlists to Apple Music in addition to Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and SoundCloud.

This long-awaited new feature, a world exclusive on desktops, allows your playlists to reach new audiences within Apple Music AND whenever you share our Universal Player on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Stream the next music releases ♫ in early access -

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