Day 2: I Built A Plane

Because who doesn’t love legos…

It’s my favorite form of travel and the center of all my financial goals, so why not build a plane?

Was this an excuse for a grown person to play with a toy? Yes. Do I apologize for my childish ways? No. Besides, it got me in a special zone. I realized something that I should have quite some time ago.

Now the focus of my day today was setting goals, but I’m not one to simply write a journal (this doesn’t count!). I need a token to get my energy flowing so crafts are my natural way to go. In building a plane made of my childhood favorite toy, I got to imagining what made me happy when I was little. There was nothing that made me happier than sailing above the clouds. All I could think about was that there were people just like me who built this (I pictured a bunch of six year olds building planes) so I could do anything if I really tried.

I lost that feeling somewhere.

Maybe when I got my first job.

Maybe when I got turned away from the military (my life long dream).

Maybe when I first got my heart broken.

Somewhere and somehow I lost the bliss of believing that if I wanted to be Max from Goofy Movie (another life long dream), that I could if I tried.

This was of course until my lady said five words to me that I didn’t know I needed to hear:

I’m proud of you babe.

For some reason this put me back above the clouds. I never knew how much I had given up trying because my efforts seemed to not matter. How long had I gone without hearing that? Five years? Ten years?

Look I know that you’re supposed to do things for yourself but a “good job” when it’s well deserved has never hurt anyone. It’s probably saved millions.

I know it saved me.

So I hope today as you wind down and prep your flights, drives, and walks for tomorrow, give that person who reminds you what a good job looks like a reminder of how great they are. You never know who needs it.

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