Don’t Worry, it’s Twenties

Are you in your Twenties? Kudos Boy! This probably would be the best decade of your life. It’s the time to discover yourself, get the first hand experience of world and people, fall in love (well if you haven’t), create a buzz, be a rockstar and get your dreams fulfilled.

Who am I to give you tips? You are already a Champ, BELIEVE ME YOU ARE A CHAMPION, as everyone else is who is in his twenties.
Just for the sake of adhering to the norm, I would like to beware of the following drags as they will suck all the Gusto out of you if you let them:

1) Others’ opinions about you: Take constructive criticism from your close circle of friends and enemies. Rest of them? Let them be the spectator. If you know that you lack self-confidence, pull your ass out of the couch and conquer it. I do theater for it. You may choose your own options: Stand Up comedy, public speaking, visiting start-up summits, talking to a lot of people, networking, performing on stage with music instruments or magic tricks, whatever! Praises and ridicule don’t matter, what matters is you gain self-confidence by being there.
2) Don’t make mistakes: I know you’ve heard a lot about making mistakes and its importance. But I suggest don’t. Take lessons instead. Remove the word mistake from your vocabulary and replace it with lesson. That would consciously remind you of not committing the same mistake again. So don’t brag about falling but about getting up.
3) Finding your passion: After hearing lot of BS about passion, I nearly spent 5–6 years figuring out my passion and guess what I still have no clue. Go out of that room, take up internship in anything that catches your real interest (not monetary) and get the shit done, if you find it good enough, drop it.

Go to the next thing and the next until you find something GREAT! Man don’t trade your life for something good, seek great. When you’ll reach there you’ll know by yourself. At the same time don’t be too delusional about it and keep your feet grounded, maintain your minimum cash flows, save and invest them too. But don’t worry about it.

If you don’t like a job, if it doesn’t have sex in it, find another job and drop it. Plenty of jobs are out there, if you don’t know one you are less informed. Period. But don’t be worried about not finding your passion, because whatever you’ll feel great in, you’ll put your that 10,000 hours in it while earning something, once you do that, you’ll be epic, so don’t worry my friend, take off the load of Passion and find something that is Great fun to do.

4) Lack of academic achievements: Absence of academic achievements is not a failure, not at all. Ph.Ds are just professors, rock stars and super stars are rarely toppers. Entrepreneurs are good with learning, adapting and taking calculated risks rather than a Quiz Master. If you haven’t scored well in your college or school, don’t worry, 95% of the people are not the top 5% rankers. Just apply that percentage to all the professions you want to crack in, unless it’s being into NASA, then you better study lazy bum.
And what one should be worrying about is:

1) Association: Someone said “You are your associations!” That guy must have been a bad ass. Associate wisely, whom you idolize in one or the other way, how you want to become, learn from them, study them, make notes of them (may sound uncool, but anyways do it) and throw out the dragging people from your zone ruthlessly. Your company and friend circle change your thoughts much more effectively than your conscious efforts to do so and turn out to be the decisive factor of the direction of your life.

2) Health: Yes it is clichéd, but don’t do drugs, alcohol, smoke, too much of junk food. Don’t worry about your health, just, as they say, take care. Exercise, walk in the nature, sometimes try replacing your Playboy magazine/ Porn website with a good book like:

Walden — Henry David Thoreau
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus — Marcus Aurelius Antonius
The Magic of Believing — Claude Bristol
The Magic of Thinking Big — David Schwartz
The Message of a Master — John McDonald
Tuesdays with Morrie — Mitch Albom

A daily dose of 5–10 pages is enough to breathe a new life to your mornings.

3) Finance: The Mantra is consistent application of the following formula:
Cash Inflows — Planned Savings/Investment = Expenditure Budget
4) Have Fun: Before proceeding please repeat “Have Fun” twenty times loudly and chant it daily. Oldies say “This time will never return” (as if the other times do, huh!) Don’t you dare forget about having fun, believe me, if you brain tattoo it right now and stick to it, ten years down the line you are gonna think that some random guy gave some advice on Quora and that did magic. Have Fun.

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