Hockey stick growth is a common term in the startup world. The idea is that initially startups grow at a linear pace and after reaching an inflection point they see exponential growth. This exponential growth can be through word of mouth, organic growth or through aggressive marketing. Below are two startups which are displaying this kind of growth (one early stages and another at a more mature stage)

A lot of grocery delivery startups opened in India in the last couple of years. Majority shut down due to razor thin margins and profitability concerns. There are 2 startups which are still going strong. This article does a comparison of the two:

Business Model:

Grofers- Serves as a marketplace for grocery retailers

BigBasket- Has its own warehouses for inventory


Grofers- Can place an order only from mobile app

BigBasket- Can use both website and the mobile app to order grocery

Traction Numbers:

Sourabh Mittal

@DataScientist Capital One. @Founder

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