Can Love be arranged ?

“Love” — A four letter word that sets the heart of a human racing through memories, some being good while some are bad. For the matter of fact, it is one of the most talked about subject in our daily conversations with our loved ones, neighbours or even strangers. While the trend of love marriages have already begun to take solid roots in India, there is still a vast population which believes in and abides by the concept of arrange marriage. “Can love be arranged?” seems a very multidimensional question and will surely force each one of us to observe our surroundings, analyse and introspect the happenings around us.

Love basically means an intense feeling of belonging to a person, having that constant feeling of spending our life with him/her, being happy for that person and most importantly, understanding and trusting the person without any prejudices. So, our multidimensional question boils down to a simple one. “Can trust, affection, care and understanding for a person be arranged?” I would definite say YES. When two human beings become a part of each other’s daily routine and live together (not necessarily), love happens! Love has many forms. Have a look at this simple example. You have recently shifted to a new apartment. All neighbours are strangers. Over a period of time, you will become friends with them and thus comes into picture neighbour-love. Similar is the case for love between couples.

Speaking about marriages, I experience and celebrate the success of an arranged love every day in front of my eyes. Guess who? The answer is simple: My parents! The inseparable love between them has grown and matured over the years. Two complete strangers were tied in a knot of marriage and that played the trick! Love started to blossom. Getting to know each other, spending time with the better half, picnics, movies, outings, festivals — all these gradually replace the awkwardness in a marriage by love and affection!

Forcing somebody to love a person is a different issue. Ask a child who has to live with his cruel step-mother who showers fake love on him and his father turns a blind eye to all this. Sometimes arranged marriages may not work too. This may be due to various reasons such as infidelity, lack of trust, etc. Arranged love is like being in an unexplored park. It seems weird at first but the real joy and happiness is in exploring the unexplored. Above all, love is a pure form of the almighty. Embrace it!

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