Efficycle !

‘Efficycle’ — A Three Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle. The definition may be that simple, but the experience of fabricating an efficycle is priceless! Team Thunderbolt 4.0 from NIT Warangal will be participating in SAE NIS Efficycle — Build Quality Season to be held at Lovely Professional University, Punjab during 12th to 16th October this year. The hard work and skills of 10 to-be-engineers will be put to rigorous test during the 4 day competition where our vehicle will compete with more than 150 teams from different colleges of India.

The memories of the 1st meeting still remain fresh. The joy of being selected as a team member reflected on each member’s face. The discussions at Innovation Garage laid the foundation stone for improvement. Thanks to our seniors’ timely guidance, we learnt from their mistakes which definitely took us a few steps ahead of others. Late night meetings — No one ever complained. Eventually it would culminate into half of the people dozing off before the meeting ended! Academics had to be balanced. Going to Kazipet station for 4 am breakfast is something that we will never forget. 10 students had embarked on the journey of building a one of its kind trike, a journey which would enrich not only their technical skills, but also groom them as professionals. Designs were created. Designs were rejected. The Create-Reject cycle taught us to analyse the consumer’s market. Together, we learnt! Each problem made us stronger.

With the finalization of design, it was time to begin the much awaited phase of the journey, called “Fabrication”. Overnight, Workshop became our second home. Lab-Technicians became guardians. The sheer happiness of seeing your vehicle being built from scratch cannot be explained in words. Our dream was taking shape, day-by-day. Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Grinding soon were added to the list of most-used words. The streets of Warangal and Hanamkonda soon became our very own roaming places. No longer did we have the fear of interacting with shopkeepers. Language isn’t a barrier, Indeed !

With the fabrication deadline approaching, we intend to materialize our dream by 31st August. With improvements and Innovations, with the smiles and tears of team members, we hope that we perform our best during the event and make our college, our parents, our faculties and our friends proud! Team Thunderbolt 4.0 extends its hand for you to join us in this journey. Team Thunderbolt 4.0 would be opting for crowdfunding very soon. We request you to spread the word about Efficycle and Team Thunderbolt 4.0 and support, motivate us.

Visit our website at : http://www.teamthunderbolt4.in/

Because, Together, We can !