( In ) Sensitive

Now, as an Indian, I have to think twice before I speak, before I write, before I do almost anything! I never know what may hurt somebody’s sentiments. Other way round, It is also important so that I do not go about blabbering nonsense stuff. The current scenario perfectly calls for everyone to check the level of ( in ) sensitiveness we all possess. Be it the Udta Punjab ( Indian movie ) vs CBFC ( Central Board of Film Certification ) controversy or the Salman Khan “ rape” statement, our show of how extremely sensitive or insensitive we are is sure to cause a sense of worry in the minds of all the sane people out there! An actor makes a statement and shockingly people get divided into two groups and what we get too see is utter nonsense. An artist tries to experiment with new topics and his movie is either banned completely or has to face the scissor of the Censor Board. “ Angry Indian Goddesses” is also a victim of such over-sensitiveness of the Censor Board. Bajirao Mastani also had to face violent mobs during screening. In a very recent case,a young girl gets brutally raped and harassed in Bihar and the way the case has been handled is horrifying. A boatman drowned to death in the state of Kashmir when he tried to retrieve the luggage of tourists after he had already saved the tourists from drowning! Isn’t that shameful for all of us ?

It is not only about movies. It is a much big problem. The issue that needs to be addressed here is the display of extreme in-sensitiveness ( which kills ) and extreme sensitiveness ( which kills, too ) by most of us. You will definitely say, “ Why me ? What did I do ?” I congratulate you if you are an exception but I feel that in some way or the other, each one of us is fueling this distressing attitude. Let me give a small example. People in my college always say that our college, NIT Warangal, is insensitive towards our demands. While on the other hand, when there are programs by the specially abled students or orphans ( By Aashayam ) on-campus, I am sure not more than 20% of NITWians attend it. There will always be excuses. How does this small gesture of not attending an event make one insensitive? Dear Readers, they expect nothing more than few good words and moral support from us. Sympathy is a big NO-NO. If we are unable to spare few moments for them, Yes, we are insensitive. Now I am sure you can definitely sit back and think about the in-sensitiveness that you have displayed on numerous occasions. These thoughts when extended and applied to the society creates a really disturbing scene.

Take the issue of “ Free movement “ of girls in the college campus. Why do they need guards to accompany them to auditorium whenever there is a movie being screened ? Why do we need a hell lot of security guards and human-barricading during DJ Night ? Isn’t it better to broaden our mindset, create strict rules and ensure its implementation rather than being too sensitive towards the protection of the female gender ? No, they are not weak. It’s just the extreme sensitive topic of girls’ safety that actually strangles their freedom to death.

One who knows how to strike a balance will lead a successful life, free of worries and problems. Don’t you think our life will be much better if we stop bothering about small issues and actually take steps to resolve bigger issues ? Yes, it can surely be done ! Let us be mature enough and avoid another “Udta Punjab !”

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