The Sixth Message..

The mobile screen flashed. She knew it was him. This was his fifth message since that unfortunate incident had happened. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she thought of that day. She could no longer control herself. She had avoided him for long and she could not wait to meet him again. She wanted to hug him, kiss him, love him and be with him forever and ever. But somewhere, what he had done was wrong. She was not angry. She was hurt. Didn’t he even care to console her? Were the bonds of love so strained?

He on the other hand was in the same boat. He too was going through the same pain that she was going through. He was helpless. It seemed that they will never meet again. He badly wanted her. She was the reason that he existed in this cruel world. He was incomplete without her. On that fateful day, he had to choose between her and other one. It was very difficult for him. He felt like running away but he couldn’t escape. It was a bad phase. He made a tough decision. He left her for the other one. He was bounded. He felt sorry for destroying her life. He felt guilty. She had tears in her eyes in which he saw the mistake that he had committed unknowingly.

While he was living with the other one, she had lost all hopes that he would come back. She wanted him to, but she knew that he would not. She remembered all the moments she had spent with him- his smile, his laughter, his pranks, his innocence, his anger and what not. He was her life. All these thoughts haunted her. How could he leave her for another woman? Do priorities change so quickly?

As days passed by, he got used to her absence. But she couldn’t adjust to the void created by his absence. All she wanted was his presence- No money, No gifts- she just wanted his time, something that she had given him in abundance years ago. Months passed by. He sent her another text message. She didn’t reply. He felt worried. It was the sixth message. He decided to visit her- the last time. He awkwardly climbed the steps to her house and knocked on the door. The door was open. The scenario inside left him numb. There was life in the room — only the mobile was alive. She had already moved on — moved onto a new journey. She had waited long for him. He came, but he was late. He had lost the love of his life. He cried. He cried a lot. There was a half typed message in the cell phone that read: “You were my life… “She was dead. She was his mother…

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