The X-man- a story on Multi-Level Marketing

When I was in Ultra mega hostel, I used to wonder why on earth X goes to the Mega hostel every day. Whenever I used to go to the workshop using the shortcut road in front of the Mega hostel, I used to remember X: one who had changed all of a sudden. A diary would always accompany X wherever he went. Also, X used to disappear on Saturdays and Sundays to mysterious places. It was not long before I got to know the reason. X was into business! I was so happy for X as he has all that is needed for a perfect business- dedication, leadership qualities and what not! I was eager to know what he was into and why exactly did he hide it from me for so long? My curiosity wasn’t stretched a lot. Very soon, I was given a so called presentation by him- I was eager for that too, after all X was involved in it. It didn’t take me long to realize that there is something fishy in what was going on. Firstly, I was asked to pay a sum of 10,000 (ten thousand) and in return, I would be given a package of computer courses and I have to join more members in this scheme. You would say what is the harm in this, right? Yes, you are right, this is not the problem. In fact this is a very very good initiative which I think everyone should take advantage of. The fishy part is this: I was asked not to tell my parents about the business part. I was asked to lie to my parents, to tell them that I needed the money for some really genuine reasons of computer courses. Here I would like to ask everyone a question: If someone has very good intentions such as providing computer courses in cheap price to promote computer literacy, do they begin their relationship with you with a lie and that too to your parents? I am sure, all the sane minds will agree with my statement. I decided not to get into this. Here ends the matter. You must be wondering what made me write an article for the same. I had attended the parents –teachers meeting as a freshman and it was then I realized that it is an issue that must be brought to the core. The faculties and wardens advised students to stay away from such schemes and that strict action will be taken on those who are involved in such things. So, if the administration thinks that there is something not okay with this, shouldn’t we give a thought as to why did college reach to such a conclusion? I wish to put forward some points on the marketing scheme going on in our college- both positive and negative! This will enable the future aspirants of the scheme to decide for themselves.

Positive points first. Let’s begin with the good effects of either joining/being in this scheme. I am not a part of this so I cannot tell all the various positive points, but I am sure I can do justice to the topic. First of all, you get to know a lot of people. Yes, that is the magic of multi-level marketing. Having contacts is very essential as you may never know when contacts may come handy. Secondly, you get to learn computer courses- surely will add an edge to your technical knowledge and give you an edge in this competitive atmosphere. Next, you get hands on sessions on marketing. It is as good as joining any marketing course- the real skill lies in selling your product however useless or useful it might be. Your stage courage will be enhanced and you will travel a lot.

Now let us come towards the darker side. Obviously, all the associates may disagree with me on each and every point I mention from now on, I request my readers to use logic and decide the truth of my statements. Why is it that the scheme is being carried out like an underground operation? X had told me that I should not tell any of my friends that I am into all this. Also, when there was a notice on R.O. Regarding this scheme, X and his friends had to hide all their diaries and literally go underground. My question is WHY? If you people are not into something wrong, why is it that you people are afraid to come out in the open and carry out the marketing scheme? Why it that the college seems that something about this is inappropriate? Seems fishy? Read on. Once you get into any of this, you lose your focus on academics and other things going on in the college. All that one sees is to add more and more people into this and earn money. Earning money is not wrong, but shouldn’t ethics be followed? Eventually one will look forward to bunk college and go to mysterious places I search of new aspirants, sometime even bunking an examination. The prime motto for which you joined the college is defeated. Many people soon come to their senses and leave this. It is then that they realize the futility of the task they were in. I am sure all those will agree with me on the above statement.

Concluding my review, I would like my readers to think over this and present their views because this is not a topic which should be buried. The college administration is trying its best to cope us with such activities. In AP, legal action had also been taken against some people involved in it. Dear readers, open up! Your view might actually bring light on some unnoticed aspects of this topic. What happens every time is that there is a post on Facebook regarding this and all that is done is useless comments are posted. It is high time we start to think: Is it right or wrong?

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