Bengal to Make Biopic on Invention & Evolution of Rosogolla in Era of Indian Renaissance

There might be developmental inertia in West Bengal. There might be political stagnation in West Bengal. But the state’s tempo does not seem to slow down when it comes to celebrating the distinction of winning the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for rosogolla. Yes, an upcoming biopic on rosogolla and its inventor will continue the celebration until its release in December 2018.

Titled “Rosogolla,” the biopic on Nobin Chandra Das who is believed to have invented the sweetmeat in 1868 will be released to mark the 150th birth anniversary of rosogolla in 2018.

Pavel, a Kolkata-based filmmaker, will direct the film on Nobin Chandra Das who is often referred to as Bengal’s Columbus of Rosogolla. Pavel shot to fame with raving reviews about his film Babar Naam Gandhiji (Father’s name is Gandhiji) in 2015. Babar Naam Gandhiji, a thought-provoking story of a street urchin’s encounter with Gandhiji in Kolkata, was screened and critically acclaimed in several film festivals, including the 2016 Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival.

The producer of the film “Rosogolla” is none other than the filmmaker duo — Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee — who made some of the biggest blockbusters including Icche, Belaseshe, Praktan, and Posto.

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According to the filmmaker and the producers, the biopic will depict the invention and evolution of rosogolla in the then undivided Bengal. The film will depict what made Nobin Chandra Das invent the recipe of rosogolla, how rosogolla became integral to the Bengali culture, and Nobin Chandra Das’ family business expanded with the growing popularity of rosogolla.

Invented during the renaissance of Bengal in the 19th century, rosogolla was perfected as a pristine white, spherical, juicy dessert over the years. The Das family made a good fortune with rosogolla. That’s why their residence on 532 Rabindra Sarani in Kolkata is known as Rosogolla Bhavan.

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