Again Biology Test appeared in front of us .

Me and my friend (Charlie) always avoid attending Biology classes but this time we fell in great problem .I decided to learn a little from book but my dear friend (completely crazy) decided to give the Test without knowing a single definition from Diversity and Insects .

After the test I was happy as I got to write on mosquito and in my hostel there are lot of them. So I crossed word limit and expressed out everything I could about this irritating creature .(Though it was less biological).

On the other hand my friend never discussed about what he wrote in the Test .

On the day of results ,Teacher personally met me after the class and strictly warned me to not to help my friend in exams next time . I was confused . I could not ask anything about the matter to her.

I asked my friend if he knew something about it. He gave the same smile which he usually give when he try to make me fool.I at once took his answer booklet and read his article .

“ Butterfly

My friend (Charlie) was eating his lunch in my home . He asked my Mom (who was watching her favorite TV serial) to give one more chapati. My Indian Maa applied a lot of butter on the chapati and threw at him quickly (Shocking isn’t it? She never wanted to miss TV serials).The chapati went straight into his plate and he could not even think what to react .The chapati was in the plate but butter ???

But Butter Fly , Butterfly .”

Now I got the whole thing . His ‘short note ‘ on butterfly led impression on teacher that I wrote the article and Charlie copied as it is (even without changing characters ).He also used “my friend charlie ” and “Indian” to make sure teacher suspects me.

If he would not have been my best friend I would have gone to teacher and explain her everything but he was my best buddy .Sometimes you can’t resist your affection for someone and you love all the loss happening to you.

That day I realized the difference between best friends good friends.
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