Let Go of the Need to Control and Just Love

If we just stop trying to control everything and trust the flow of life, we’ll be able to cherish love better.

Just like falling in love is not in our hand, drifting apart is not in our hand either.

No matter how much we try to resist ourselves from expressing our love to a person through our words or action, we can’t stop the warm feelings that erupts in our heart every time we see that person or even think about them. Similarly, when the love isn’t there anymore, we can’t force ourselves to feel for the person, no matter how much we pretend for everyone else in the world.

What we need to understand is that it’s okay. There is nothing we can do about it. Being true to your feelings would be the best things to do. It might be disruptive in the short term, but liberating in the long run. On the contrary, pretending might help to balance everything for sometime, but in the long run will result in frustration and regret. No one deserves that.

There is no ‘should’ or ‘must’ in love. Love is not what we have read in books, watched in movies or even saw around us. Every single instance of ‘love’ is unique in its own nature, and incomparable with other instances of love. Love is what you truly feel in your heart.

Some instance of love might last a lifetime, even beyond that. Some love might last just for a quick glance with a stranger you felt connected to. Some might discover love in passionate physical exploration of each other. Some might experience love even without meeting each other ever. Some love might start with the promise of ‘happily ever after’, but end suddenly without any warning. Some love might start with no promise of future, but miraculously last till the end of life. Some might find love in a person of opposite sex, some might find love in a person of same sex. Some might develop feelings for someone, whom they are not allowed to have a romantic relationship with.

Don’t let anyone judge your love. There is no ‘sacred’ form of love and ‘sinful’ love. Love itself is sacred and pure.

Don’t love because you need to be loved in return.

Love because you love to love, because ‘love’ is what you feel in your heart and you want to be true to that emotion.

If that love is reciprocated, great! If it is not, still learn to cherish the feelings.

If you love someone, let them know. Don’t expect anything in return. Don’t demand anything. Let them know because you don’t want to die with that love unexpressed and also because that person deserves to know that there is another person in this universe who loves them. May be that person don’t need your love today, may be they have someone else’s love today. But someday they might be alone and weak, and the memory of your expression of love would be the strength for them to move forward.

A person who is in the vibration of love, can never harm themselves or another human being. Only the absence of love, creates violence and misery.

Dare to experience love. Live the moments. Treasure the wonderful memories. Grow in love. And if one day one instance of love wants to leave, let it go. And be open to love again.

Being in love is the most beautiful experience you can ever experience in this world.

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