“More scope you have, more confused you are. Lesser the choices, more is the focus” Agree or disagree?

Personally I feel this is a very limited way of choosing career and even living life.

I’d rather have many options, go through the options with confusions for 20 years, find what I am truly passionate about and spend rest of my life cherishing that. Even if I don’t find that one thing, I’d be happy to spend my life exploring different things I enjoy at that moment.

Having a limited career choice, focusing full dedication on that even if I don’t enjoy or don’t feel that’s my calling, is terrible.

I experienced it till 2nd year of Engineering. From childhood, I was told that only way to live a good life was to study hard, score well, get a good safe job. I kept focusing on that no matter how terrible I felt. I’d never ever wish that life for any student.

My life changing moment was that when I realized that there is nothing that I have to do in life, rather the question is what do I really want to do in life.

Internet helped me to open my eyes. Met countless successful people from all parts of the world. Followed them for years. Read books on the lives of & by successful people of all ages.

Realized that there are infinite ways to live your best life.

There are no right or wrong paths. Only your path, my path and someone else’s. Only when you connect with large numbers of people, you realize the awesome time we are living in and the incredible career opportunities we have today.

Having a limited career choice and being rigid to those choices, can also repel prosperity & abundance. Following inner voice, trusting life, and letting go, leads to our true path.

Sometimes life likes to toss us through various paths before leading us to our true path, to teach us valuable lessons. Being rigid keeps one away from those lessons.

Instead of having fixed career goal, I’d recommend anyone to have a clear idea about the life they want to live. Then be open to any career opportunities that would take them closer to that kind of lifestyle.

Personally all I ever wanted to do in life was to spend more time with family, become my best self and inspire others. The path parents pushed me into — Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission & Shibpur BE college was not aligned with that. Though I learned a lot from both experiences, I gladly left everything behind and started my journey into Entrepreneurship with Network Marketing. After 7 years in Network Marketing, learning life transforming lessons, I changed my career path again. I shifted into running my own 100% online business helping people to improve their personal, professional and online lives.

I took both shifts because I felt that it would take me closer to the life I wanted to live. And exactly that happened. Tomorrow if I find something new, that would take me more closer to the life I want to live, I’d gladly let my current career go and restart in that new path again.

There is nothing more terrible than wondering in our last day, if we could live our lives being more authentic instead of being rigid.


What do you think? Comment your opinion, please. Share if you like.

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