This tutorial will help you configure the necessary things required to work with CodeCommit from CLI. Also you will learn how to install Git and access the CodeCommit Repo from Git.

We will perform the following actions —
1. Configure CLI for programmatic AWS access.
2. Create a CodeCommit repository.
3. Upload…

Here I will show you how to configure Simple Scaling Policy for EC2 Auto Scaling Group with AWS CLI.

Simple Scaling Policy with CloudWatch alarms

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Group supports 3 types of dynamic scaling --
1. Target Tracking Scaling
2. Simple Scaling
3. Step Scaling

Simple Scaling:

Simple scaling policy allows you to define CloudWatch alarms…

Let’s setup the Target Tracking auto scale policy with AWS CLI.

EC2 Auto Scaling Groups support the below types of scaling -

1. Dynamic Scaling- scale instances dynamically based on certain criteria.
This three types of policy can be configured for dynamic scaling —

a. Target tracking scaling
This policy helps you to select a scaling metric and set a specific…

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