I dont no English very much but i try my best..if anything mistake i am so sorry..

I said you have to think this before when over relationship starts..she said i do mistake..now i have to improve my mistake..i said don’t make me April fool i know its 1st april i will not become April fool she said no i want breakup i was like what..i start crying like nothing and begging her please dont do this with me but she said no no..then i was very angry and suddenly what happen to me i break a juice glass with my hand and..she said wtf yr then clean my blood and i said please dont leave me..

That time she said okh..we will be together and i was happy..then we have go from restaurant..we always kiss when we over over meeting..but that that she don’t give a kiss to me..i said no problem i said kiss is left she said no i have injury on my lips i said okh we huge each other any go from that place after 14 days she call me and said i need breakup i said what she said yes and i can’t talk anymore..i am blocking you from everywhere eg-Whatsapp etc.I said what happen she said nothing but i dont want to leave anymore..i was crying i said i dont live without you..i will do suicide she do whatever you want to do….i was like..what is this..

this is a dream or what i have no family members or friends near me..i was crying and crying..like nothing..then i try to suicide..and call her that i am going forever she dont do like this that but i can’t live without him..then i try to hang my self to fan..but its ny good luck or bad luck fan fall down..then i Bursting head against wall..and crying and suddenly one of my friend call me and said where are you i told him everything he said i will coming to you wait..i go with him and smoke joint..and..and give lecture that what the men you are..you try suicide for a girl..if you die what will happen to your parents family they give you birth for suicide for a bitch i listing him and i stop crying..and smoke 3–4 joints any i was to high i cant control my self and i lost my consciousness and falls down..and then regularly i smoke joints cigarettes drinks..lifes going on…and after some days we start chat but as a friend..i try very much to be aging in relationship but she said no no..i aslo okh..then her b’day come its 2 oct she come from home on 1st oct i said i wsnt to meet on you b’day she said let’s see..i said okh on 1 oct she called me and said can we meet now i was happy okh Why not..we meet o said we will meet tomorrow she said yes we start taking i said i have some work..we will meet tomorrow she said yes we will meet i said please promise me that we will meet bcoz we meet after 2 months she said okh i go to a place and booked a surprise date for her and manage everything i call her tomorrow at what time we will meet she said 5pm–6pm i said okh i booked date for 2oct 5o clock and all arrangements done by my side now i have to wait for 2 oct then..day come i wish her on phonecall..and in morning i bought some gifts flowers..i called her at 4 pm thats when you will free she said dont know i said u told me that you will meet me 4 o’clock..she said i will try i said what try i planned a surprise date and you are..she said why you planned a date who told you why you plan this..i said for you she said i will not come now..i said why i plan a date and you are not coming.. she said that whom permission you plan this..i said sorry but please come i already booked all thing she said whatever you spend your money on date take money from me..i said what are you taking..she said no..that time i broke..then thats was the last day we chat or talk or meet..

Till now..

after some time my friend told me that..she played with you..she have already a bf at her town….i said what what is the name of boy.My friend told me that his name Sourav..then i remember my gf always told me thats Sourav is her Best friend….Nd then i understand that’s she dated to bfs at same time she was playing with me..and this is the reason why she left me that she have already a bf from 3–4 years..I said bitch..

(Part-after breakup)

●[one more thing she is a fashion student..once she designe se dress…and dress goes for auction and i was..like i will by this drees and give her bcoz i dont want that some one else buy her dress..i buy the drees and give her..bcoz this is her 1st dress which she designed..but asusual she dont accept thats dress and i gave to my friend that if she take then okh other wise burn this dress..]

What type of person i am..😒😒😒