moments of connection foster a culture of awareness and empathy
Check-in Rounds: A Cultural Ritual at Medium
Jennifer Dennard

Connection by Design

Team Check-ins are an idea worth exploring

I ran across this idea from Jennifer Dennard as I floated between meetings this morning, and it resonated instantly. A team check-in round? What an idea! It offers meeting participants a quality moment to share a bit about their day. Empathy is sure to follow.

What I like most is how easily it can be done, regardless of industry, organization model or team size. If we’re serious about building a cohesive team (and who isn’t?), how could we not spare 5 minutes per meeting to foster it?

Too often in organization and leadership development space we discuss ideas that make us feel good, only to find we’re being so completely abstract as to defy any real action. Examples?

  • Driving a culture of innovation
  • Building a collaborative business model
  • Ensuring shared accountabilities

Gosh, I actually talk like that.

Ok, let’s be honest, I haven’t given up on 2.

But in the meantime, I am taking action. I’m adding the check-in round to my personal toolkit. Change has to start somewhere, yes?

Thanks for the share, Jennifer.

Stay tuned.