What patterns did you notice around whether highlights happened for quotes you emphasized (like…
Katherine Conaway

Great thoughts Katherine, thanks for bouncing back. As with reader highlights, I’m a big fan of those writer indent highlights, calling attention to what I think in the moment are major takeaways. But many times, on a quick re-read or edit pass, I find the sentence before or after is better, or just plain more interesting. Keep in mind a writer’s indent highlights (“WIH’s”!? lol, a new TLA) also serve to break the flow and provide the reader some visual relief.

Totally with you on the Medium appeal for stat downloads, more stats, and maybe some enhanced dashboards, perhaps like the one I mocked up. Fully expect to pay a little for tools, but since I’m already a paying member, you’d hope these are among the bene’s in the pipeline.

More ahead. Again, thanks for the feedback! Great to know others are of like mind!

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