Writer’s Voice — Why It Matters
Lyndsay Knowles

Loved this Lyndsay, and Ron’s comment too. Joey always gets me laughing.

Finding and embracing my voice has been a long-term struggle, but I think I’m finally turning the corner. Medium and the The Writing Cooperative are helping. Repetition, 10,000 tries, and the like. Feedback and support are huge.

Ultimately though I think “be who you are” is in conflict with two other deep seated drivers .. the marketing dilemma: “be what they want (which is ..!?)” .. and the existential trap always lurking out there: “who am I?” .. neither of them quickly or easily answered. Takes lots of courage and stamina to forge ahead, being who you are, striving for authenticity, while dragging those two boat anchors along.

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, of course.

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