Note(s) to Self.

100 words a day? No problem. Give me Time. Space. And a message in the bottle.

Note to Self © 2017 Amberwood Media

Inspired by the prolific, high-quality output of Gail Boenning and Mike Sturm, I’m stepping things up, and trying for 100-words a day. Thoughts and ideas have been arriving in a torrent, lately. This space will help me organize them.

It hints of diary but real men don’t do that. Right?

Let’s try “Note(s) to Self”.

Somewhere in this chaos I’ll deliver on the 52-week writing challenge. My next book. My day job. Twitter. Oh, and real life. Which is rocking, btw. I married my best friend 2 years ago. Met on, who knew?

I only get in the writing zone if there’s time and space, and a little peace. Kant had something to say on the time/space part, as I recall?

And the message in the bottle?

Sorry, my 100 words are up. Back soon.

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