The Struggle Is Real But Is It Worth It?
Cindy Millet

Thanks for sharing this, Cindy. Love your thinking. I too survived a personal downturn that fundamentally changed how I look at success.

Money buys lifestyles, but it doesn’t buy happiness. That comes from within, and if you’re fortunate, it’s nourished by deep connections with partners, friends and family. I wouldn’t wish a financial downturn on anyone. But if you find yourself walking that road, as we have, I truly believe you can emerge stronger, more adaptable .. and better able to value those things that others take for granted.

Money is not evil. But in our entertainment-centric, consumer-driven, selfie-obsessed culture, money can dull your senses, skew your values and isolate you emotionally from others.

Good to reflect on this Cindy, appreciate the share.

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