Hey Chris!
Gail Boenning

Thanks so much for the feedback Gail, your wonderful daily posts got my attention, then all of Mike’s quality stuff with him mentioning he writes 12hrs a day !? (struggling to imagine!). Had to bite!

Time management

For me it will be in structured times slices. An hour super early a.m. after walking the dog (mulling topics) and an hour at lunch. I plan to bounce between the slots daily, so if one doesn’t pan out, there’s the other. That way I minimize impact to family & work schedules. 100w should go fast, < 30min? My weekly Coop Challenge is a 3min read, that’s more like 700w. Might explore a double dip daily/weekly option Thurs or Friday. Smartphone for in-between times can be good for comments & responses.

Think I have a chance? Does that map onto your scenario?