substance and layered thinking
That is one of my struggles, brevity.
Lorie Bickford

Twitter: Can We Talk?

When a tweet is a thought. An insight. Or perhaps, dare we say it, an idea.

No doubt the venue is subject to rants and broadcast propaganda of all varieties. But look past the noise.

There’s gold out there.

With so much raw potential, I once described Twitter as innovation dial tone. Extra points to anyone who knows what a dial tone is.

But in the context of brevity, learning to participate in 140c conversations taught me to deconstruct and de-academize (new word?) my writing more than anything else could. No need to cut substance. Just the extra words.

So I wouldn’t dismiss Twitter.

References to babies and bath water come to mind. And the need for another cup of coffee :)

This is my 100wpd challenge #17. Find me on Twitter as @sourcepov