Maybe the Problem is How You Define “Revenue”
Ben Noble

Value from our writing is relative, but Shannon is right: somebody’s gotta pay the mortgage. For a writer, the value of a good day job is nothing to sneeze at.

Beyond the broad experience you gained from your book, Ben, I bet your actual writing and editing skills improved significantly too. With every new post or page, the writer’s end product is a little stronger, a bit punchier, a tad more commercial.

“Writing what we want?” .. that can be done 24x7.

“Does it pay out every time?” .. of course not.

“What about ever?” asks the cynic .. and I say sure .. once we’ve found our voice and polished our craft and started to truly connect with our audience. That’s the work. And I’m closer to it with every paragraph. I too have a book one under my belt, and a book two in the funnel. Revenue is coming in, but not as fast as new words are rolling out. My strategy now is to write whenever I can, in the margins and between the lines of my day; Medium is making that pretty easy.

Both Bens (Ben Noble and Ben Watson) said it, value isn’t always monetary. Personally, I get value from sharing & learning, often on Twitter, or places like this thread. Write. Share. Learn .. repeat.

Call me crazy, but I think we’re in a loop.

Thanks for the share, Ben.

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