How to Disagree By Using Yes, And.
Tony Stubblebine

Yes, and ..

Riffing on Hillary, better questions and the value of common ground

Super insight on common ground, Tony. A deep breath and 5 seconds is, as you indicate, a small investment indeed. In fact, doing the math, the ROI rockets to the stratosphere.

I wish invisibility anxiety was the whole story, though. Sadly I think there’s lots of negative energy out there. Haters. People with axes to grind. And sure, lots of bad days. Again, I like your thinking. My prescription to a healthier blog and/or Medium experience adds positive energy, focus, and intention. We need to challenge ourselves with hard and direct questions. Why am I here, taking Tony’s valuable time and my own?

I’ll bite. I write to learn, to raise the bar on what I know, and to expand my network of thinkers. It’s simple, really. It’s to make some space for possibility.

Yes. Yes, to squelching invisibility anxiety.


And the chance for something more.

And I’ll spot you the excellent Hillary examples. They’re timely. Trump has me seeing red, and turning blue.

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