We are thrilled to announce our partnership with XcelPay as the payment gateway and XcelTrip as the global travel partner.

We have always stressed how important key partnerships are to achieve our goal of mass adoption. It’s not easy and we can definitely not do it ourselves. Partnerships are one of those channels that provide us with avenues to get introduced to a wider audience.

XcelTrip has undertaken a humongous task of democratizing the trillion dollar travel industry. …

Partnerships with payment processors, payment gateways, and retail payment solutions are making Verge a currency in its true sense. With our partnership with Paycent, the gap between using fiat and Verge Currency is barely visible.

What we are currently seeing is that fiat is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Most of the global population still uses Fiat currency. Oftentimes people who hold cryptocurrencies (hodlers) aren’t able to easily spend it, never mind liquidate it, if they wanted too. These usage limitation makes adoption more difficult. …

I have found that excuses are my only hurdles to building something that makes an impact on society. We often feel that we are incapable of bringing changes on our own. That’s not true.

As developers work towards completing their daily tasks, the sense of the impact they are creating gets lost. After all, they feel like a drop in the ocean which cannot make much of a difference. Opportunities go by unnoticed, the skills aren’t used to the fullest, and the interest in building something great dies. But this needn’t be the case.

Technology and those who weild it…


Verge Currency has always had one mission in hand. It’s to provide transactional privacy to everyone around the world.

In this journey, Verge currently boasts hundreds of vendors around the world who accept Verge Currency as a mode of payments for their users. As a completely community driven project with no ICO, no pre-mine, and no external funding, its essence is to build a true privacy-focused currency for everyday use.

Using Jensen Shannon Divergence to build a tool to find the distance between probability distributions using Python.

I was on a mission to find a good measure of difference between two probability distributions. After doing a lot of research online, taking feedback from my colleagues, and validating various methods, I found one that does a really good job.

My problem statement could be solved by calculating the statistical distance between the two probability distributions. To do this, I found out that Jensen Shannon Distance can be used.

Jensen-Shannon Divergence (JSD)is a metric derived from another measure of statistical distance called…

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If someone were to ask you to define something, how would you do it?

Often, our definition of something is based on the way it has affected us. Our personal definitions usually aren’t technical. Rather, they are an aggregation of our experiences with the topic at hand. The topic in our hand right now is blockchain. So, how will you define it?

Defining Blockchain

Let’s take a few examples of how different people would define a blockchain.

A Bitcoin Investor

A sensational mechanism to lose all your money overnight without ever having the hope of getting it back!

We are very much aware of the…

An individual in a free country would assume that their freedom will not be restricted by corporations. How could a private entity go against the law of the nation? Right? That individual could not be more wrong.

Corporations have always found ways to go around the law to get what they want. Almost all big companies have been found to utilize the “loopholes” in the system. Here is a short video of Apple utilizing a loophole to gain massive tax benefits.

How’s this linked to something called the Transactional Privacy? Well, we’re here to discuss just that!

What is Transactional Privacy?

Privacy is…

Written by Akshay | Twitter @sourcedexter

Are you one of those that believe that the world would be improved, if using cryptocurrencies was as simple as using regular old cash?

Most of the cryptocurrencies early adopters do intend to buy goods and services and pay for them in crypto, but face difficulties doing so. Some of these are transaction time, processing time, and often times, the simple lack of infrastructure contribute to holding cryptocurrency back.

At Verge Currency, we have learned the main points as we analyzed the various elements we could control. We have a team in place around…

Written by Akshay | Twitter : @sourcedexter

Affordability, is one of the crucial elements to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Products which are affordable to the masses will encourage early adoption and foster growth of virtual currencies. This is the reason why most successful e-commerce platforms run heavily discounted sales and promos.

Discounts, offer consumers the ability to afford new and more purchasing. Online discounts bring a range of products to consumers which promotes online sales, over the traditional retailer. E-commerce giants use this strategy to form habits among people. Once habits are formed, they become harder to break. …

Written by Akshay | Twitter : @sourcedexter

Dear Vergefam,

Great strides have been made by us in the past few months towards our goal of mass-adoption. Today, we have taken yet another step in that direction. Verge Currency is proud to announce its integration with the Pundi X ecosystem across the world. Pundi X, the Point Of Sale (“POS”) solution that makes buying products with crypto at local stores as simple as buying a bottle of water.

The ability for a customer to easily pay for products using cryptocurrencies has been one of the hardest challenges we have seen to…


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