What is Popcorn Computer?

Source Parts
Oct 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Popcorn Computer is…

  • an open computer that you can use to design, develop and build new products.
  • based on a proven open design with millions of dollars and man-hours invested in to the hardware and software infrastructure
  • backed by a company that can help you go from idea to retail with experience producing hundreds-of-thousands of consumer electronic products

If you are using a Raspberry Pi to develop a new product stop right now!


  • That’s not what it was made for.
  • The Raspberry Pi is not open hardware.
  • The main components that make up the Raspberry Pi are not easily sourced in the open markets.

What does this mean?

You will have to completely redesign your prototype with entirely different hardware.

So, why do I need a Popcorn Computer?

If you want to make a product but don’t know where to start, this is your first stepping stone.

If you have made a prototype with a Raspberry Pi or equivalent computer and don’t know what to do next to make it into an actual product. This is your next step.

Have been struggling sourcing components due to lack of immediate or short-term availability. We got you covered.

If you want to learn how to use a completely open computer in exciting new ways and discover how to make one yourself.

You need more capabilities or processing power than a standard Arduino or IOT device can provide.

Who makes Popcorn Computer?

At Source Parts, we have sourced, designed, assembled and tested tens of thousands of parts and complete products for our customers.

Source Parts is an American company with main operations in and surrounding the electronics markets in Shenzhen, China. We have direct access and insight over the complete supply-chain for the longevity of the products and parts that we design, source and build.

What makes Popcorn Computer so special?

It eliminates a number of usability and manufacturing hurdles that are inherent in the design of similar computers on the market.

If you have ever searched for or had to wait for the right USB cable or power supply to power your computer, we feel your pain.

  • We built-in the latest power delivery technology to ensure that your computer will not brown-out or reset due to lack of adequate power. This is a common issue with almost all computers of this kind due to their use of out-of-date USB technology.

If you have ever had an SD card fail on you, we are sorry to hear that, it has happened to us and many others too. If you have ever physically lost an SD card that has tens or hundreds of hours of work on it and were without a backup, we don’t ever want that to happen again and are sure neither do you.

  • We built-in the latest memory storage technology available. We can build Popcorn Computers with 8GB to 128GB of storage.

If you have ever tried to build a product and had it’s production delayed due to one component out of tens or hundreds is no longer available or needs to be imported from another country. We’ve been there, we don’t want to be there again. We don’t want you to experience that frustration either.

  • All components selected for Popcorn Computer are able to be sourced within a 50 mile radius of Shenzhen, China.

When can I buy it?

Our current plan is to have single units available for sale on Amazon and shipped by them in early December.

If you absolutely need one now or are interested in ordering 100 units or more, we would like to hear from you. Please send us an inquiry on our website at http://source.parts.

Where/When can I learn more?

We will be releasing more information here on Medium weekly. We are looking forward to sharing the history of this product’s development with you as we gear up for Mass Production in early December.

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