Why Virtual Security Officers are Replacing Onsite Teams

May 8 · 3 min read

Common business practices have evolved to support advancements in technology and remote work trends. When it comes to cybersecurity, this practice is no different. Businesses are increasingly opting for Virtual Security Officers to replace a role that was once inhouse. But is one service model truly better to serve your security needs than another?

Photo by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash | One of these virtual providers is SourcetekIT. Founded in 2009, SourcetekIT has emerged as a leader in the industry, with their security operations center (SOC) being the only Government certified SOC in Canada.


Building an onsite team to tackle your cybersecurity needs is a difficult task. Few individuals have the necessary experience or expertise, making many in-house teams under-qualified and understaffed. To combat this issue, many organizations have invested in an in-house IT team, with cyber security being one of their many responsibilities. This lack of commitment to cybersecurity leaves these organizations vulnerable to disastrous cyber attacks.

Rather than depending on an inexperienced team, Virtual Security Officers bring years of experience and a diverse set of expertise to your organization. They have developed security practices with proven success for organizations of all sizes, operating in various industries.

Time Investment

An in-house team is a major commitment. They require extensive HR training and other ongoing training to stay up to date on the ever changing world of cybersecurity. They also need to be managed to ensure they are doing their job effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, retaining these employees is not easy. Employees will quit, be fired, or move on to other departments, forcing the organization to continuously repeat the staffing process. After all is said and done, there is very little time left for the true purpose of an in-house team: cyber security.

On the other hand, Virtual Security Officers are already fully staffed with an experienced team of engineers. As a Virtual provider, SourcetekIT offers managed services created through a strategic partnership with the business. This partnership is crucial to increasing the automation, improving operational efficiency, and decreasing downtime that costs money. With a Virtual provider, you are always in the loop, without being solely responsible for many time consuming tasks.

In addition to major time investments, there are also major costs associated with onsite Security Officers. The biggest issue is the supply and demand problem. There aren’t many experienced Security Officers available for onsite employment. As a result, there are exceptionally high costs to hire and retain them. If an organization is mid-large sized, they will need to hire multiple security officers to build an effective cybersecurity team. This is simply out of the budget for many organizations.

Even if an organization can afford to retain experienced onsite Security Officers, Virtual providers have shown that this expense is unnecessary. Instead, organizations are better off hiring a Virtual Security Officer and investing their saved money elsewhere.


Cyber criminals are working from around the world, 24/7, so why shouldn’t your security team? In-house teams are restricted to office hours, which means outside of the 9–5 workday, your organization is incredibly vulnerable to attack. If a breach occurs at 6pm, your team may not notice until 9am the next day- and a quick response to an attack is crucial in limiting damage. Alternatively, Virtual Security Officers, such as SourcetekIT, have employees all over the world, monitoring activity 24/7. As soon as a breach occurs, SoucretekIT alerts the organization and responds immediately.


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